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It's September! And I'm starting something new.
I have decided to....Stop driving but take a bus to work!
Maybe you will think what's so big deal about it! Don't make it a fuss or like it's some sort of massive decision. Well, it's not that massive but it's indeed quite a big deal for me.

Malaysia, unlike most developing country, we have one of the lousiest and useless public transport service. Limited bus trips, Buses never on time (always wait for ages at a stop until it's full enough), buses are all super old and not maintained like it will break down any second and you will have to push it, and there's no train service (only in capital)! So tell me, how to depend on it? How?? And how on earth the government has the cheek to blame the public for not using public transport? They still thick face dare to urge public not to drive but take bus!!! The public can use it only if you provide a decent service what! walao eh.. Talk about it makes my blood boil.

That's not just it! There's more okay!! Set the lousy system aside, the mega big concern is the safety issue!! Every developing country is improving, even Vietnam is safer. At least, I dare to walk the streets at night not worrying kena gunshot. But here, in my very own country Malaysia.. Go out makan, gunners will turn you into bee hive; go petrol station for petrol, magician will show you the century's "car vanish in second" show; go clinic for doctor, robbers will come say hi with parang knives, go exercise or walk to bus stop for bus, hungry beast will come hunting you down to get his bestial desire satisfied.. Worse, got killed (and the rapper cum murderer will get loose from the so-called justice law, and the family members get nothing but shit). Now you tell me, who dares to go out? And you think staying home is safe? Buuuuu~! Stay at home also got burglar break-in not just to steal your belongings but also rape your wife or kids and force you to watch. I'm pretty sure I'm living in hell whenever I read all these news. Now, Tell me!! Someone tell me. HOW CAN??? And HOW TO???!!!!

Okay.. Calm down.. *taking a deep breath
The reason why I ever consider taking public transport to work is because I wanna cut down my expenses. I've tried taking causeway link quite a number of times now whenever I'm going to Singapore to meet kareshi, it leaves me a good impression with its service. And it's really because of causeway link, I am really considering taking a bus to work as it will help me save up to RM 500 per month. After surveys, tons of considerations and discussion with kareshi, I decided to give our public transport a chance. All because I see hope on the star-to-be "Causeway link" coming her way up.

So, on the 3.9.13, I started taking a bus to work and home. I like the bus driver I met, he is always smiling and friendly. These can only be seen on people who takes pride in their job and I truly respect that! He makes my day, really. I feel much safer when I'm taking his ride. 

This is me on the bus on my way to work~ update again about my experience with the bus ride in another post! 


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