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For the past one to two months, Water, Hot, Warm, Fire, Haze and Mosquito are the popular words that you have either said or heard it countless times a day.

Unusual drought had came to Malaysia. Weather is crazily hot and there is no rain at all for such a long period. Water level of all dams are decreasing at light speed. Several places are out of water for days. Plus it is so hazy everywhere! Can hardly breath nowadays.. T_T

This is the time when people realized they have lost something so important that they don't even bother to give a damn in the normal days. Human can live without food for more than 7 days but could not survive without water for 3 days. Look just how important water is!
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Water levels are decreasing and it is not raining and the matter of fact is that no one can help. We can only help ourselves, but how? Well, I am not a wizard, I can not give you rain, but I can give you the ways to save water.

Here are some ways (but not all) to save water usage, you may find same relevant and some not quite but that's not the point. Pick those you find useful and practice them as habit. This is a long-term project.

1. Have some used ice? Don't throw them, put them on flower pots as water for the plants

2. Don't wash fruits or veggies with a running tap.
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3. Decrease your shower time by 2 minutes, you can save 568 liters of water per month.
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4. Remember to turn off the water while you shampoo your hair/ body.
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5. Fixing your leaking water tap save you 530 liters of water per month.
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6. Don't clean your shaver with running water save you 1136 liters of water per month.

7. Use microwave to defrost instead of running water in the sink.
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8. Collect rooftop gutter water to wash car or rice water (洗米水) for flowering.

9. Throw used toilet paper to trash bin (I know Taiwan does this, to save water, but the problem is.. very smelly..)

10. Put a brick into your toilet tank to minimize flushing water.
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That's my 10 water-saving hacks. Do you find any that is suitable for you to practice? or do you have any to share? Let me know in the comment! Let's save water and save our world by doing our part.

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