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Everyone has different addictions, some on shoes, some clothes, some cosmetics. Even within cosmetics itself, some people crazy over lip colors, some just can't get enough blusher. For me, my weak point will be eyeliner. Maybe it's because I have nice eyes, lol.

As usual, Natta cosme packed their stuff nicely, it is always happy to receive such parcel. I received 2 Miss Hana Gel eyeliner from them. One in night black, one in choco brown.

I've been using liquid pen eyeliner for years because I always find pencil eyeliner doesn't work well on my lids. Too much fat maybe, causing it to smudge no matter how smudge proof they claim to be. That is why I have my doubts on Miss Hana despite their much raved water and smudge proof effect. I decided to bring them through some test to see if they live up to their words.

This is me getting ready for river safari date with kareshi's family. I only applied cc cream and loose powder, and of course have my lashes curled. I know many of you curl your lashes after eyeliner but I prefer to curl them first because every time I curl it after eyeliner, I will have to fill up the lines again, so don't do double job. Just curl the lash first. lol

I chose no.3 Choco Brown for that day because I wanna look natural.

Draw the lines. You know what? It really glides. Yes it glides so smoothly I thought I couldn't stop it from gliding! I think this is the smoothest Gel eyeliner I've ever tried! No joke, really no joke.

Done within seconds (because it glides smoothly which makes it so easy to draw). Can you see how fat my lids are? Can't even see my eyeliner any more! T_T

That is why I will always use my secret weapon- lace eyelid tape. I shall review it in another post. This is my final look for my river safari day. Looks very natural right? I like how choco brown looks on me. I am a minimalist when it comes to makeup. I believe "Less is more".

After more than 10 hours. After all the walk and sweat, it doesn't really smudge (it did smudged a little because I accidentally rub my eyes forcefully (I know I shouldn't do that)), but other than that it really stays up long! Good right? Finally something that really does what it claims to be. I've really tried so many eyeliners that claims to be smudge-proof but it just doesn't work on me! But Miss Hana works! Okay, this shall be in my wanted list forever!

How about waterproof? Let's see how good it is.
I drew 2 heart shape on my hand using Miss Hana no.1 Night black and no.3 Choco brown. Placed my hand below running water and uhh.. it stays! Good!

To take the smudge-proof test to the next level, I even tried rubbing it after waterproof test.

Some of you may ask if it's difficult to remove since it is so good in water and smudge-proof? Well, I decided to use a water-base makeup remover to give it a test.

Here I am using Hada Labo water-base makeup remover. Pumped a drop, gently rub it against my hand. Within few seconds, it is removed! Rinse away the remover and tadah! Clean and clear with one time cleansing. 

My verdict for Miss Hana Pencil Gel Eyeliner?

Wanna get your hands on it? Good news for you, apply the discount code "MISSHANA" when you shop with Natta Cosme to entitle RM 5 off for Miss Hana Waterproof Gel Eyeliner! Go get it here now as the discount code expires on 15 May 2014.

Well, I've shown you how Choco brown looks on me, how can you not see the effect of Night black right? This is the look I created with Miss Hana no.1 night black for a review at Traders hotel (coming soon I promise, lol).

Basically not mush different from the choco brown, lol! But Night black indeed makes my eyes a lot more bigger and more prominent compared to choco brown which is more natural.

It really glides smoothly on my lids, see how fine and clean the lines are!

I hope you enjoy reading this post as much as I wrote it. Miss Hana Gel eyeliner is really my everyday makeup item now. Maybe I should get the other colors to play with different look eh? (You sure it's gonna be different look??) Would you want to read? I will get them if you girls would love to read them. If you do, make sure you let me know. How? Uhh.. by leaving comments la~ lol

Thanks for reading. Until next time,

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