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Hello, welcome back to Aud- Cooks. It seems like Aud has been cooking quite often after being together with kareshi huh? Well, I would say it's quite common for such change, cooking for love ones is different. Let's hope this will continues after I got married.

Let's see what I've made this time. Homemade Tuna & Sausage Pizza! I saw this recipe shared by May on a facebook group I've joined and was attracted to it because it seems to be super easy! In fact, what really caught my attention was actually the dough, which can be made as flat bread as well. Plus, it's egg and yeast free! Got it? Means I can eat!!! Muahahaha!

All you need is 4 ingredients, easy!

1. 420 g self raising flour
2. 350 g natural yogurt
(I used Greek yogurt here because I still have some)
3. 1 tsp baking powder
4. Dashes of salt

Pizza Base :
Mix above 4 ingredients well, set aside. It does not requires proofing because it is a ready to use dough.

Get your preferred ingredients prepared. I wanted to make Tuna pizza so I have a can of Tuna chunks in olive oil, button mushroom, pineapples, and some sausage. I did not used all of the ingredients la, only took part of it for the pizza. Others are for fried rice the next day.

If the dough is sticky, as May said don't panic! Sprinkle some self raising flour and flatten the dough with roller pin. I want the pizza base to taste better hence I layer some butter before topping the ingredients.

Next, tomato puree. I replaced it with tomato sauce here because I don't have them at home. 

Layer everything and top it with CHEESE!

Oven 170 degrees for 15- 20 mins and this is what you got! My pizza base was slightly thicker as I didn't flatten is enough.

Tip: do not layer the pineapples at the bottom (put it on top) as it turns watery hence soften the base. 

The same dough can be made into Flat bread.
1. Flatten the dough with thickness about 2-3 mm

2. Use a knife & gently slice some vertical lines leaving border of 2 cm (Do not cut through, just gently slice it).

Here I forgot to gently slice them and still it's too thick. Make it thinner (2-3 mm) it will be nicer.
3. Heat up griddle pan (no oil needed)

4. Place the dough with the lines upwards facing you. Cook each sides for about a min

5. Quickly brush on the butter and ready to be served
Paiseh my flat bread a bit hangus because I was chatting with mummy and forgot to watch over it.

Although there are some mistakes but still I am quite satisfied with the outcome. Hey, it's bread and it's egg and yeast free! What more to pick over it?

Hope you enjoy trying this simple and easy pizza and flat bread!

*Recipe- courtesy to May from SHC group

Thanks for reading. Until next time,

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  1. wow that looks delish! i wanna taste your homemade pizza! <3 anyway, thanks for sharing your recipe! :))

    xoxo, rae

  2. Try making it~ it's really easy! ^_^


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