Aud-Wedding | My Dream Bridal Shoe, Tailor Made by Lesmano

All these years I never had a fond on heels, it's not that I don't love them (which woman doesn't love heels?!), it's just that they are too uncomfortable. The pain is just unbearable that I don't know how to walk on them.

While preparing for my big day, one big concern of mine has to be my wedding shoe. I can't imagine myself walking in those killer heels for the whole day!

Just when I was desperate, Nicole saved me. She literally did. Through Nicole, I got to know this shoe maker at Mutiara Emas- Lesmano, without having high hopes, I decided to give it a try.

It's located in a factory area, the front of the factory is a retail shop, whereas the back is where the shoe factory lies.

In the store front, you will find dozens and dozens of shoes displayed nicely for you to try it on. With such variety, I'm sure you will find something that suits your eye.

The working area and some working tools.

Did I mentioned that they have a small coffee area for customers to take a seat and slowly make their decisions for the shoes? Although there's no menu for you to choose like Starbucks but I feel its pretty decent enough. Plus, there's hot chocolate for you if you don't take coffee like me.

Now, back to the shoes. I was looking for some simple classy pumps that I can still wear after my wedding so after trying a few, I've decided to go with something simple as this.

Mummy also felt that the shoes are comfortable so she decided to make a pair too!

After decided on the designs, the shoe maker took the measurements of our feet so that the shoe fits us perfectly. (That's my mum's leg by the way.)

There are quite a number of different leather and shades for you to choose. I was having difficulties deciding on the color for my wedding shoe.

At the end (with some advice of the shoe maker), I chose something beigy yet creamy so that the color will not be too shiny or outstanding for normal wear.

As for the price which everyone is concern about, my 4.5" platformed pump is priced at RM 330, and my mum 3" heels pump is RM 280. I would say it's pretty reasonable for a full leather shoe. Even hush puppies cost me almost the same price but yet not my size.

After a week, my shoe was ready to collect. Here's my mum's. It is a black heel pump with red lining.

Nice right? Simple yet detailed.

Now, My wedding shoe!

It's a 4.5" platform pump in creamy beige with gold lining on top edge (it's gold although the lighting makes it looks silver).

I actually had a personal request to the shoe maker and was hoping that it can be done. I was hoping that he can make me a gold base pumps. He was like, huh? Gold base? Why?? I explained to him the reason and he went "hahahah! Got like that one ar?!!" and said he would love to try his best to do it for me. Now, look at this gorgeous, he did it! But he said this will be the only pair of gold base heels he made because it is too tedious and requires lots of work, so here is my one and only gold base pumps! Thank you so much!

It makes the legs looks fairer too!

Tell me, isn't it lovely and gorgeous?! I am really glad that I decided to custom made a shoe that fits me perfectly rather than get those available in the market. Thanks Lesmano, Thanks Nicole for introducing it to me! By the way, this photo was taken by my photographer of my actual day wedding.

If you would love to check them out or want to make a pair to pamper yourself, head to the address below. Call them if you want to make sure you don't miss their operating hours or check out their facebook page.

Address: 12 Jalan Mutiara Emas 5/4,Taman Mount Austin, 81100 Johor Bahru
Contact number: 016-777 6535

P/S: This is not a sponsored nor it is a review post. I paid for my own shoe. I am sharing it base on my own willingness as I feel they are really doing a great job and deserves to be known! Cheers.

Walking on with love,

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  1. wow... so pretty shoes! And the price really worth it to get custom made shoes that is a perfect fit!


  2. Hey Miriam! Indeed! Its not much different from full leather shoes in the market, plus it fits perfectly! Hehe

  3. Wow, the heels are gorgeous! Very classy and elegant yet not too flashy. :D

  4. Thanks dear! Yea, wanted something that can be still worn out for outings. Hehe..


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