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Being a mum-to-be myself, I know how difficult it can be to list and get the stuffs you might need for your precious newborn. Here is a list of mine, use it as a reference as different mums might have different needs.

Baby Cot, Ikea $79 & Mattress, Seahorse $19.90
I got an affordable one from Ikea. It couldn't turn into co-sleep bed (the sides can't be lowered) but it can turn into a playpen. As for the mattress, it's actually a foldable mattress from Seahorse brand that I have at home, so I just make do with it.

Clothes & Pants/ Rompers (All given by others)
Newborn grows very fast. It is not necessary to prepare too many newborn clothes. I did not buy any clothes for my baby, it's all given by either relatives or friends. I have prepared 13 short sleeves tops, 3 long sleeves tops, 2 short bottoms, 2 long bottoms, 4 short sleeves rompers, 6 long sleeves rompers. 

Short sleeves tops has more because baby puke a lot, you will have to change frequently. Long sleeves are for nite sleep because she will be sleeping in air con room. If you realized, I have very little bottoms because I intend to let baby wear only diaper/ cloth diaper so that it's easier to monitor whether the diaper needs to be changed.

Mittens & Socks

Mittens and socks are to protect baby from scratching themselves and also to keep their hands warm. I have prepared 14 pairs mittens and 25 pairs of socks. You don't really need so many socks actually but mine was passed down by relatives. Mostly are brand new and can be worn till at least 6 months old.

Hats, Handkerchief, bibs
It's actually not necessary to have hats but since mine was given, why not? It's cute anyway. I have 10 of them. Bibs and handkerchiefs have similar purpose. Lay it under the chin while feeding baby to avoid staining the clothes. Amount on hand: 13 handkerchiefs, 9 bibs. You can have more of these if you do not do laundry daily.

Milk Bottle, Dr Brown $24/pair
I plan on breastfeeding my girl exclusively. I bought this pair of Dr Brown milk bottle for emergency, in case she couldn't latch well. There are so many brands to choose from but I decided on Dr Brown because it is said to be the best anti colic bottle.

Pacifier, Dr Brown $13.45
As much as I hope not to give my girl pacifier, but this is too cute to resist. It can glow in the dark too!

Bath Towel

Bath towel from my MIL. It is a hooded towel, very cute right?!

Sleeping Blanket

Sleeping Blanket also from my MIL. I have another one which is a 百家被(not in the photo) made by my maternal granny. 百家被 means a blanket made of rags collected from a hundred households. Although nowadays, no one will really collect rags from a hundred households to make one (normally will make do with the rags you have at home) but it still symbolizes a great blessing from the elderly. Can't wait to let my girl to use it. Maybe I shall blog about it in a separate blog.

Sleeping Pillow
This sleeping pillow is from my mum. It is made of wheat shell. It was said that wheat shell is more cooling and will be able to protect the shape of the head.

Hip Seat, I-Angel $158/ Stroller
Kareshi said he doesn't want a stroller because it is very troublesome. He prefers hipseat. We got our hipseat during mummy fair at Expo for $158. There are many brands for you to choose from. They are more or less the same so just pick any design that you fancy. If you find hip seat troublesome, you can always go for a stroller. Stroller is much more expensive though.

Diaper, Merries $64/ carton (2 packs NB, 2 packs S)
I wanted my girl to be a merries baby because I have read so much good about merries diaper. Although it is much more expensive compared to the alternatives in the market but it is one of the best diaper you could ever find. And I want the best for my baby girl. Luckily kareshi is on the same line with me. To get it at a cheaper price, you can always buy it online from NTUC or purchase in carton during baby fair at expo at a discounted price. Alternatively, try search it on Qoo10. It is slightly cheaper.

Muslin Cloth

I have 17 muslin cloths actually. These 2 nicer ones are for swaddling and as light blanket for hot weather. The others (plain), I might use them as bib, to burp baby or even as traditional style nappies. Muslin cloth is really an essential to all mummies. Just googled the benefits/ used of it and you will understand.

Wet Wipes, Organic story $29.90 per carton (1000 sheets)
I got these wet wipes during my last visit at Mummy fair at Expo. It was highly recommended by the mummies in FB group. It is a Korean brand wipes that is organic. Hence it is suitable to be used all over the body including baby's face. It might not be the thickest (some say NUK is thicker) but I find it just nice to clean baby's poo poo.

Sterilizer is not a must as you can always do it the old fashion way which is killing the germs by boiling water. The one I have is from my mum. It can be used to sterilize milk bottles, toys, clothes and even vegetables.

I do not have one. Same as sterilizer, you can actually do without a warmer if you are on a tight budget. You can always reheat the milk (inside milk bottle or milk storage bag) by placing it in hot water (40-50 degress). Note that, the maximum heat for breast milk is 40 degrees, any higher will destroy the nutrients in it.

Bath Tub & bath net
Bath net is not necessary but for a new mummy like me, I prefer to have a bath net to help hold my baby when I shower her. 

Washing Detergent (for clothes/ milk bottles)
Babies are very fragile. Everything they use must be specially made/ designed for them. Same goes to washing detergent. I will be using kodomo clothing detergent and pureen washing detergent.

Shower gel/ Soap
I plan to shower my girl with natural handmade soap. Natural handmade soap is mild and very moisturizing. It is very good for the skin. In fact, I myself and kareshi are using handmade soap for shower too. I will definitely blog about the soap I use for my girl, do keep an eye on this space ya.

Other stuffs such as Alcohol wipes (to clean baby's belly button), Ru yi oil to get rid of the stomach wind, Baby lotion to keep the skin moisturized, Diaper rash cream in case baby has diaper rash, changing mat, bottle brush, baby nail clipper, oh and car seat.

That's it. These are the stuffs I've prepared to welcome my little ones. I believed I've probably covered everything. Hope this list will be useful for new mummies like me. I will be doing another post on what a mum-to-be needs for herself soon.

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