My first Debate

20/9/05, 8.30 pm -- My 1st ever formal debate competition in my entire life begins. The tittle "EQ is more important den IQ". I'm freaking nervous and scared! but when its my turn to stand up and speak, I slowly felt that I'm actually happy and feel proud of myself standing on the stage in front of so many people. No one love being a loser, but my team actually agreed to lose this competition as we have no time for the next round due to our course major project. Despite what we had agreed before, surprisingly everyone is putting their ass in the front line, giving all their best! Of course, I'm no difference too. When I'm on stage, I can't control, I can't stop myself for doing all my best. I just keep talking and fighting back what ever bomb that the opposition thrown to us. At the end, we won. out of our expectation.

TOnight, will be the next round of competition. but this time, we know. We will not make it like the other day. Because non of us prepared for the topic "nature disaster is more terrifying den human's disaster."

I think nature disaster is more terrifying because it is natural reaction for human to fear for things that are not in their control. Creation of human, you may be able to control but no human can stops a coming tsunami, no human can prevent an eruption of volcano, no single human can eliminate earthquake. 
Wow~~ how do I sound? sound like winning? ha!!

P/s: As expected, my team lost! lol

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