Stop Kony Vs Stop Lynas

Been seeing alot of tweets, and video sharing at Facebook about #STOPKONY for these 72 hours.
Even read a few articles about it, views of peoples about this issue...

and I realize something...
It reminds me of an issue that had just happen in my country (the issue is currently still on-going).

Like what Vey said in her blog post, the Media can really manipulate the thoughts of us, the feelings we had, the point of view. But this is what it is, in the world we are living, The Facebook World, The Social Network World...
People get affected easily,
They react to it,
Invisible Child
and They forget about it.

Life, continues.
Nothing Changes.

The same goes to STOP LYNAS, SAVE MALAYSIA issue going on in Malaysia.

It goes HOT..
You can see it everywhere, hundreds and thousands of share on your wall...

A few days later, It goes WARM..
You can see it on and off, dozens of shares on your feed...

another few days, It goes COLD..Down... Dead
You don't see them anywhere, "0" post appears on your FB, Twitter...

Which do you know more?
Which, do you Care more?

Maybe you care more about STOP KONY,
or Maybe you care more about STOP LYNAS just because you are from Malaysia.
But What's the differences between the two?
and What did you did to show that you really Care?

What I'm trying to say is,
People forgets easily.
We need to be reminded repeatedly and frequently enough to Remember.
Else, it would be Nothing.

Because, Nothing matters.

Sadly to admit it, but it is the fact.
No One Dies Virgin,
Life Fucks Us ALL.

The world is changing,

and the World can be change.
Because We are powerful.

You don't need to do something BIG,


Just Prepare yourself.

Do your own part, Do what you can.

That, will be more than enough.
Changing the World, start by Changing Yourself.

Fill the world with Love and Hope.


For You, For Me, For Us.

Precious Readers