The Truly Little Japan, Molek Pine 4

The name “Molek Pine” is not at all unfamiliar in the real estate industry in Johor Bahru. With so many ongoing residential developments in our cityscapes, Molek Pine 4 prides itself as the “epitome of luxury living”. 

Ever dreamed of living in a resort for the rest of your life and not worry about a thing? Well, your dream is about to come true at Molek Pine 4. If this doesn’t entice you, will a Japanese “Onsen” be at your convenience do? 

Molek Pine 4 offers amazing facilities such as swimming pool, tennis court, basketball court, gym and fitness centre, playground, sauna, and an exclusive clubhouse that features male and female onsen for the residents. Had a rough day at work? Grab your bathing robe and head over to the warm and soothing onsen pool to release that stress! That's why I say, resort living is no longer an unattainable dream!

Molek Pine 4 is also one of the only two residential projects in the country to be awarded the “Platinum” rating in the Green Building Index, now that is something impressive! With all the hype in healthy and eco-friendly living, you can now go green where you live! 
Now, some “Did you knows”,
Did you know that Molek Pine 4 uses “Cross-stack” ventilation system?
Did you know that the energy collected from the solar panels on the roof of Molek Pine 4 will be sold back to TNB?
Did you know that taproot trees are planted all around Molek Pine 4?
Did you know that there is a rainwater harvesting system to water plants and clean common areas?
Did you know that Molek Pine 4 has devised a clever way to minimise materials by placing a water tank in the middle of the tower?
Did you know that the basement car park is elevated by half a level to reduce artificial lighting?
Did you know that there are a lot more green features in Molek Pine 4 that you really need to come see the place for yourself to believe it?

And because I need to see it myself before sharing it with you, my blogger friends and I have decided to spend some time accessing the facilities in Molek Pine 4.


Molek Pine 4 has a very spacious and well-equipped gymnasium. Although it is not air-conditioned but it has a good air circulation. Fitness equipment includes Exercise Bikes, True Treadmills, Elliptical Trainer, Dumbbells, Lat Pulldown Machine, Kettlebells, Flat Bench, Pec Deck Machine, and Stability Ball. Pick your favourite machine and work towards a healthy body. You know, they say strong is the new skinny!


One prominent Japanese culture is the ‘onsen’ or Japanese hot spring. To keep up with the ‘Little Japan’ culture Molek Pine 4 stands out with its very own authentic onsen spa room. I believe this is the first of its kind in JB where the onsen is filled with natural geothermally heated spring water that contains minerals like iron, sulphur and metabolic acid. Do you know that frequent use of the hot spring is good for health? There are water jets and ‘seats’ along the sides of the onsen pool too where you can sit and enjoy the experience. By right, you are supposed to go in fully naked, but obviously, we couldn’t do that!

There are 2 onsen rooms available, one for men and one for women. It has lockers, a seating area and powder room with a hairdryer. Most importantly, there is a bathing area where you can clean yourself before stepping into the onsen. The whole onsen room is built as similar as the ones in Japan. 

Oh! Let's not forget about the sauna area! It’s common to relax in a sauna after jacuzzi to really sweat it out. This is an infrared sauna that uses charcoal in its heating area to heat up the room. Do not that you are responsible for turning off the lights and heat of the sauna once you are done because the whole building is an eco-friendly building and I really like this idea. 

Swimming Pool

A swimming pool might be a common facility in most condominium and apartment. However, a thoughtfully designed and well-maintained one is hard to come by and Molek Pine 4 has it all.

Molek Pine 4 has an adult pool and a wading pool. Both adult pool and kids’ pool adopt the shape of figure eight, hence it does not have any dangerous spots or awkward corners. The water is clean and yet does not have an excessive chlorine smell and the changing room is conveniently located right beside the pool. Oh, and the wading pool features a water slide that allows the kids to have some great fun and keep them entertained for a long while!

Wanna see if what we say is true? Head over to Berinda Sales Gallery at Jalan Molek 1/27, Taman Molek, 81100 Johor Bahru, Johor today to see it for yourself! Remember to invite me for an “Onsen” session when you move in!

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