The Promise Ring

I never knew anything about "PROMISE RING"...
I only knew couple ring, engagement ring, and wedding ring...
Never knew the existence of a PROMISE RING...
until the day I heard it over Red Fm Breakfast show ....

where lil Kev and Sarimah was talking about Lady Gaga received a promise ring. It immediately get my attention..(btw, i love listening to Red Fm~ lil Kev and Sarimah always make my day~)

Ok, so.. what actually is a promise ring? and what purpose does it serve?
I bet many of you are like me... knew nothing about it...
Its ok~! let me tell you about it now~~ =p

The Meaning:
A promise ring is a special symbol of love. It symbolizes a promise or commitment between two people. Promise rings can be given for almost any type of promise made and need not be limited to promises made for engagement or weddings.

 The traditional purpose of a promise ring is to declare your intent to marry someone sometime in the future, but does not mean you are engaged. Instead, they symbolize love and a willingness to let the relationship evolve.

The Purpose:
There are few main reasons for giving or exchanging promise rings and the meaning of the promise ring differ on each individual case.

Pre-engagement promise rings are given when two individuals have decided that they will be getting engaged and then married in the future but not at the current time. This is the most common meaning for promise rings and are replaced by the engagement or wedding ring later on. Normally worn on the left ring finger.

Purity promise rings have a slightly different meaning as they symbolize a commitment or promise to remain chaste or abstain from something. EG: a parent gives a purity promise ring to a child and it is meant to symbolize a promise by the child, to remain sexually pure until marriage. A similar meaning for promise rings is the purity ring given to symbolize, abstinence from certain bad virtues like drinking or smoking.


Friendship is one of the most obvious reasons for which a promise ring might be given. It doesn't relate to any romantic affair, but rather signify a commitment to always be there for each other in times of need.

Religious promise rings could be worn by a group of believers of a particular saint or religion whom follow the teachings or beliefs of the religion or saint in daily life that would involve a commitment for a lifetime.

The Origins:
It evolved from the practice of betrothals which was quite different from an engagement. In Biblical terms a betrothal was a contract made through a public announcement. The contract covered financial arrangements and other similar affairs. The parties to the contract could not back away from it and the betrothal was legally binding. The actual wedding would take place after several months but the betrothal contract was a commitment to marriage in the future. A ring would be given by the man to the lady as part of the betrothal ceremony and the ring would be a symbol of his promise to marry her.

There is also another type of ring called the gimmal ring that is related to betrothal ceremonies. The gimmal ring is a type of promise ring and is in fact made up of two or three separate rings. These rings can be worn together or separately and this ring style became popular in the 16th century. During the betrothal ceremony one of these parts is worn by the bride-to-be and one by the bridegroom-to-be. In cases where the gimmal promise ring is made up of three parts, the third part of the ring is given to a person who would be witness to the promise and the ceremony. The two or three parts of the gimmal promise ring are put together during the wedding ceremony and worn by the bride.

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