Lovely Water Snake Year

Hello peeps!! How's your CNY doing? Hope you enjoyed!! Today is Saturday, "Chu Qi" (the seventh day of CNY). "Chu Qi" is also 人日which literally means, everyone's birthday. So, Happy birthday everyone!!

I'm started work since Wednesday (no choice, have to save up my limited leaves), how about you? Still staying up late? still gambling? Hahahah! So nice..*envy
I didn't have lots of plans for CNY, but it was one of the best! True special moments with families is what it takes~ ^_^

# My First step of the year of Snake

I went to pay respect to my dad (with families) on CNY eve. We went to apologize as we forgotten his death anniversary (due to my uncle's eternal goodbye). Had a long talk with daddy.. Its been quite some time i have not really speak to him.. I Really miss him a lot..

After the prayer, we went to hospital to pay my dad's uncle a visit. He was admitted to hospital. It seems I've been visiting hospital very often these days. It makes me realize the vulnerability of human, but it is because its' vulnerable, therefore we have to cherish whatever we have now, because it won't last..

Okay, that sounds kinda heavy for this post~ time to insert some camwhore photo! Lol
#Mummy at the hospital

#and me again!haha

This year, we decided to have reunion lunch. My CNY eve reunion lunch was simple, what's important is that whole family gets to sit side by side to have a meal together, so no fancy food here. Hehe~ but all of us enjoyed it!
#Onion fish
#Baked salted chicken
#Stir fried veggie

After the dinner, we all sat together and chit chat, watch tv show together and waited for 12am to come.
When the clock stroke 12, this is what you will see! 
Tons and tons of fireworks!!!!! Nowadays, big big cities don't really have them anymore, but! I love my kampung (although not really kampung anymore as Kulai is part of the Iskandar project)!
All these fireworks really add on the ambience for CNY! How can you not have them! hehe
It went all the way until 1.30am. One and an half hour, OMG! These people are really loaded~! haha
After all the non-stop booming, I lost concious right after the sky went quite.

CNY: Day One
8.00am.... I open my eyes... and....
#ITS CHINESE NEW YEAR! The first day of Water Snake year~ WOOHOO!
#My mum and Me. All ready to visit my aunt (living next door, lol)
#My cousin nephew - Xiang Xiang~ really love him alot! he is super cute~~ always ask "papa leh?" even his dad is carrying him lo~ hahaha!
#My cousin niece- Xuan Xuan. She is younger than Xiang Xiang, but much bigger size than him! LOL
wonder what my cousin bro feeds her with~~

Then, we all went to my maternal grandparent's house together. We do this every year. I love how my family members gets along, the family bond we have. No matter how time pass, how things change, family is the only one that can never be change.. cherish it, love it, bond it.

We were there the whole day chit-chatting, prepare dinner as all the relatives will come over and have dinner together.
#This is just part of the dishes.. too many of them.. haha...

#Dinner started! This year, we shifted the table outside, because.. our family grows bigger now.. the dining area can no longer fit all of us.. hehe.. big family huh? but I really love them~

After the dinner, what's next? Don't have to guess.. of course its gamble!! Its an once a year event! how can you not join??
#Look at them, already started!! Can't even wait for another sec. lol
#This is the game I don't like the most, because its tiring. Its called "Between". Everyone will place an initial bet for like RM2, and cards will be distribute (open status). You will have 2 cards, and a chance to call for ONE card. If the card that you called, falls in between the initial 2 cards, you can take the money from the pile. But, if the called card falls outside of the range of your initial 2 cards, you will have to pay. and if its exactly the same as one of the 2 initial cards, you pay double. Confusing? Let me give you an example.

If you get a "King" and a "2" as the initial cards, means you have a wide range of cards to be called. You called for RM10, and if your called card is "10" (any number above 2 and lower den King), you win and take RM10 from the money pile. If your card is an "Ace" you will have to pay RM10 into the pile. BUT! if your called card is a "King" or "2" you have to pay RM20!! Get it? Honestly, this game is really damn tiring! because it just keep goes on and on and on~ lol
#That's my 2nd younger bro Ashley in blue checkers and my uncles..

I got tired after they started the "between" game, so I went back into the house and chit chat with aunts, grandparents~ then I thought of how can we not camwhore when we are all well dressed up? hehe~ so I took photos for mummy with all her kids, her sisters and her mummy - my granny~ We look great in these photos don't we? hehe! 

Mummy and Audrey        Mummy and Adrian
Mummy and Ashley        Mummy and Aaron

Mummy & Third aunt     Second aunt & Mummy
Mummy & Fourth aunt     Mummy, Second aunt & Granny

*Imma skipped the second day, because I don't have much photos for it! haha~~ too busy eating and visiting, forgot to take photos~~

The third day, 大年初三!
Visited my 4th aunt on the third day. We had an awesome dinner at her place, and of course never forget to "lou Yu Sheng"!!

"Yu Sheng" or Prosperity Toss, also known as "Lo Hei" (Cantonese for 撈起 or 捞起) is a Teochew-style raw fish salad. Click here to know more about "Yu Sheng".

See, this "Yu Sheng" is different right? Hehe.. My cousin brother-in-law arranged it so nicely!! and.. the salmon, is wild salmon, not those farm one hor~~ hehe.. its super fresh and tasty!!
"Lou ar, lou ar!" 事事顺利,身体健康,出入平安,财源广进啊!"
*tossing and wishing good words and chants
It means sail smooth in everything, stay healthy and safe, more and more fortune for this year! hehe.. very typical huh? well, it was a great dinner and of course great moments. I really had fun playing with Xiang Xiang my cousin nephew~ he is damn adorable!! See... everyone just can't help but to disturb him.. lol
#He looks so adorable even with the orange inside his clothes!! hahahah~ we sick adults... =p

That's basically my activities during this CNY. Nothing much, but fruitful and yet wonderful. Imma ending this super lengthy post~ Hope all of you enjoyed your CNY holidays!

~Live to Dream ♥ Dream to Live~


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