A Night at KSL Resort

On the 1st of Feb, Office had a Wits program which involve all bosses and us (the staffs) 
I was the one in charge of the programme arrangement, hotel, meeting room, after meeting activity, etc.
So, after some research & discussion with superior, we decided to choose KSL resort as our location.
If you are interested to know the room rate of the resort, check it at their website: http://www.kslresorts.com.my/

Superior and I left the office earlier to check-in the rooms and make sure everything is properly prepared before big boss arrive. Around 5.00 pm, everything is done, and the WITS Programme begins.
Wits programme is actually a brainstorming session in how to improve our work, how to increase productivity and sorts. Basically, think of ideas.

KSL resort is really kind enough to prepare us complimentary food as coffee break although we did not include coffee break in our package (because need to pay extra), but surprisingly, they made it as complimentary. GOOD JOB KSL!

#Chocolate cake (I can't eat, so I don't know if its good.) 
#Mini egg hamburger, I can't eat too! Oh my! don't tell me there's nothing I can eat! 
Then I saw this!! woohoo! My tummy saver~! haha
#Fried chicken wing! its finger-licking-good! really, I had 5 pieces, and still not enough.. lol

#Manderin orange prepared by KSL 

#Boss said: "Not Bad, what a high class water they gave us." LOL

Around 6.30 pm, discussion ends. Head back to room for a quick rest before we gather for dinner~ eat again! hehe...
#There, my dinner. Its a buffet dinner, but... I wasn't feeling quite well, too cold, totally shivering lo~ so I only took some hot congee and fruits.

After dinner, my big boss can't seems to wait any longer for after dinner activity.. because its his love game!
Can you guess what is it by the picture below? its easy like a pie! haha
BINGO! its bowling~~ we went to Dynamic Bowl located at Danga City Mall. Everyone in the office loves it! But... pity me....
I really don't know how to play at all~ I am 100% sure that I look like an idiot while rolling the bowls!!
That's Alicia!! Look at her~ not bad you know~~
I was bad. really bad. plays like shit. Then out of sudden, a STRIKE! LOL!! damn happy! I think I had flew to the ceiling that time~ ha!
The one that keep saying she plays like very bad.. plays like shit... blah blah blah... turns out to be the leading one? haha! They were angry at me, saying I'm pretending. LOL!! I swear, its just beginner luck~ ^_^
See, really its just luck. not real "kung fu". hehe~
After 2 rounds of game, we are all exhausted. Really tiring.. lol because I had a long long day (personal family reason which I might or might not blog about it..) Before leaving the bowling centre, must have a group photo! said my big big boss. He is kinda cute sometimes~ haha! (He probably will kill me if he sees me saying him cute! lol)

* Sorry Group photo has to be removed due to some reason. But we all had fun that night~ Thank you~!

That's all! Good night~!! ^_^

If you wanna know more...
KSL Resort: http://www.kslresorts.com.my/

~Live to Dream ♥ Dream to Live~


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