A Common but Special Valentine Day

I was never a flower girl. Still not one of them now. Never go crazy over flowers. I am not saying this out of jealousy or what so ever (although I have never receive big bunch of flowers in my life except the unexpected flower bunch that was sent to my office by a so called secret admirer friend, thank you for the effort though.. ^_^)

To me, 14 Feb- Valentine day It's just another normal day like the other days~

But this 14.2.13 is different because its our first V day.. So i decided to get him something~ and handmade something~ Not sure if he likes it but still hope that he will~ ^_^

I rushed to Singapore by bus straight after work and dashed to Muji Marina Square to collect the wallet that I reserved earlier (wanted to get it from Muji Bugis as its nearer but too bad, they were out of stock). Its TIRING! It was raining and I'm running with my heels on~! I'm always bad in walking with heels not to say running and I am certain that I look ugly and disgraceful that time.. >_< but no choice la~~ running out of time.. can't be bother anymore.. Just hope that kareshi will not call me before I am done with everything because he will definitely knows that I am in the shopping mall but not bus (malls are so noisy, sure will know.. >_<) and then, HE CALLED!! OMG!! CAN'T BE SO COINCIDENT!!
"where are you dear?"
[Erm... I'm... on my way..]
"Huh? Where are you actually? How come so noisy one?"
[Erm.. I'm on my way la~ I will call you when I reach ya~!]
I hung up.. lol

He does not celebrate V day, because he too, feels that its just another normal day but being commercialize, and he does not like it. But still, it's our first so he decided that we shall have a nice dinner~

Initially, we planned to takeaway some sushi and sort of picnic at Marina Barrage where we had our first date~ but the weather went against us and rained heavily that day. So change of plan~ he took me to Marché which located at Vivocity Sky Park~

When we met reached Marché, its already almost 8.40 pm but good thing is the restaurant close at 11.00 pm so we still see a long queue there. we waited for around 30 mins to be seated. Marché is a self-service concept restaurant. You will be given a card upon entering the restaurant.
There will be many stalls like this (see below) inside. Just pick your food, hand over your card to the waiter, he or she will swipe the card and your order is placed. Next, just wait for your food and you are good to go.
Yea, that's kareshi. He said can not be choosy, must eat veggie... >_<
Small bowl of veggie at $5.00
Wild mushroom soup is also a must have said kareshi. Indeed, its NICE!
Other than mushroom soup, Swiss Rösti is also another MUST HAVE! my kareshi's favorite! The white cream is sour cream, kareshi really loves it, but I think I prefer mayonnaise.. haha 

Kareshi ordered a salmon for me as he scared that I am hungry because I skipped lunch that day~ too busy to have a proper meal..

Some decoration photos of Marché

When you are done with everything you wanna do, just head to the cashier. Bring your card along with you of course. ^o^

The cashier will just swipe your card and you will be billed. The damage that night was $40+, I think its kinda expensive as we only has a small bowl of veggie, a mushroom soup, a rosti and a salmon. No?

When we stepped out of the restaurant, my friends- The MooOossS thanks us for dropping by! lol

Its amazing that me and kareshi were together for not very long but we really kinda have telepathy. We always have the same thought at the same time, say the same thing at the same time.. its magical isn't it? That night, it happened again.

"So now, whatcha wanna do? where you wanna go?"
[Hmm... let me think...]
["Let's have bubble tea!"] said both of us at the same time~ lol
Hence, we searched up and down, and this is what we got. 

This is my 2nd time having "Gong Cha"

We ordered a caramel FM Delight with pearl & Jelly. It originally does not comes with pearl, I requested. The staff actually warned us that it will be overflow. I insisted. What is a bubble tea without pearl? plus, my kareshi max love the pearls. How can I not give him that? lol
At the end, its really overflow as the drink itself already has lots of jelly and nata de coco, plus the pearls... i think the tea is only 1/3 of the cup or lesser. haha.

After the satisfying drink, we headed to Mount Faber  the place which kareshi wanted to bring me to during our first date but had to forgo because its too late, so we went there for night scenery view this time~

Standing at the top of the mountain, feeling the cooling breeze, looking at the city where my kareshi was born.. the place where he grew up.. the land where all his memories lies.. I felt so touched. Feel like crying.
I can't explain the feelings running deep inside me.
I feel glad, I feel happy;
I am thankful that I met him, I am grateful that I am so close to him.

Walking around with our hands holding tight,
and I know I'm holding the happiness of my life..
Standing at the top with his arms around me keeping me warm,
I swear I feel like I'm hugging the world..
That's all I ever need, my kareshi, my world.

Later then...
"You wanna have a ride at Singapore Flyer, baby?"
[Its okay darling, Let's go home~♥]
(It was 23:20, and we both had a long day so what we really need, is a good night rest~ I am thoughtful isn't it? hehe.. self-praised, hahaha)

P/s: This is what my kareshi got for me~ can you guess what is it? hehe.. its a Kuromi Anti-rape device! Kareshi has always been worried for my safety as Johor Bahru is sorta a not-so-safe place. So he hopes that with the protection of Kuromi, I may stay safe and in one piece. After all, I am his precious~ ^_^

Pp/s: This is the wallet I got for him. Sorry that I have no un-box photo as I was in the rush, really no time to take photo. As for the handmade stuff, no photo either~ haha~ see if i can get it from kareshi and take picture and update it later on~ hehe~

If you would like to find out more on..
Gong Chahttps://www.facebook.com/GongCha.Singapore
Marina Barragehttp://www.pub.gov.sg/Marina/Pages/default.aspx
Mount Faberhttp://www.mountfaber.com.sg/index.php?option=com_video
Singapore Flyerhttp://www.singaporeflyer.com/

~Live to Dream ♥ Dream to Live~


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