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If you read about my Resolution 2013 here, you will know that I am into gym/ workout nowadays.. mainly because of Kareshi. He is a sportsman plus he is a swim coach (a very good one, anyone interested can leave a comment or email to me, I will provide you his contact), that's why he exercise a lot. He made me realize that we really must exercise in order to stay healthy.

And if you read about The Important Things in Life here, you will also know that all my sports gear are from kareshi. I truly appreciate his effort to encourage a 28-year-old lady who never exercise before in her life to get serious in this. and I did. I didn't let him down I think..

Soon, I realize one sports bra is not enough if I workout more often. Although I wash it straight away every time after workout, but sometimes the weather just gonna make things hard for you. So when it rains, it won't dry up in time, that is when I think I need another one.

Whether its magic or what, I don't know or I am just purely lucky! I tried out an mobile app Feecha after reading qiuqiu's blog one or two months back and I've got all the mighty power lucky charm on me. I won FOUR PRIZES in total from the treasure hunt contest! One of them is...

ZALORA VOUCHER worth $40!!! How can I be such a lucky girl! It came just in time when I wanna have a new sports bra! I did some survey and research on what sports bra I wanna buy, and checked through to see whether they have it. To my best of luck, its available, in the size I want too! I swear I feel like I am the luckiest person at that particular moment!

This is the one that I got. Its a Nike AS Shape bra that gives high support to the boobs, make sure they are in place during your workgout. Just what I needed most. has over 50, 000 fashion products, its your one stop online station for fashion and shoe for your most convenient!! All you need to do is just grab your favourite item in a few clicks! How easy is that? If you really have any doubts just call them. They even provide customer service hotline +65 6742 4500, just call them if you have any enquiries! Its good right?? I think its awesome~

After decided on what I want~ I just click on the size and proceed to checkout. Filled in my details and shipping address since its my first time buying through Next, choose your payment mode. Don't worry! Zalora has everything prepared for you. They accepts visa, master, paypal, and even COD! Its really cool. I chose to pay with paypal because.... it entitles me with ANOTHER 10% DISCOUNT!!! Who doesn't LOVE DISCOUNTS!! hehe..

so, with my $40 ZALORA VOUCHER, paypal 10% discount, and FREE Shipping... I only pay $13.50 for a Nike AS Shape sports bra!! Unbelievable isn't it!!

and the more amazing part is... I received my item THE NEXT DAY!! its SUPER FAST and EFFICIENT I tell you!!

Tadahh!! its here, nicely packed.

It is so well packed and to my surprise, it even comes with a hanger! So thoughtful of them! ++ points!!

If you have not sign up as Zalora member yet, DO IT NOW! Head to this site, just type in your email address in the column on top and be entitled for $10 voucher!! After you signed up, every now and then Zalora will send you newsletter for its latest trend or promotions and sales! The best way to stay in the loop for all goodies! Awesome!

Imma gonna put on my new Nike sports bra and head out for workout now!!

Enjoy your shopping with Zalora!!

Check out the latest promotion above and don't forget to share with me what you have bought ya~!

Happy Shopping!

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