My Journey with Make-up

Beauty has always been an amazing topic to talk about, and its endless.
I am sure most of you came across this common saying more than once..

“ There’s no ugly woman in the world
but only the lazy ones ”

Why is there such a saying? And how does an ugly duckling transform to a beauty Swan?
Well, the magic key is “ MAKE-UP” 

It’s amazing to realize how Make-up creates miracle by changing and enhance a person’s look.
Except being a basic politeness, putting up some make-up can really boost up the confidence level. But of course, put it right.

I used to be kinda boyish and know nothing about make-up. I can only say that I had slowly transformed from lava to a butterfly through my growing stage.

*~My Journey with Makeup~* 

It started in a surprising way...  I was supposed to fly to Japan for my master studies in Business Admin - Marketing on end of March 2011...  But, God seems to have another plan for me...

11 March 2011 (a date I shall never forget), a devastating disaster struck Japan – My Dreamland.. I had no choice but to give up the dream to Japan as my dearly mummy was worrying like hell, and she is the only one person that I could not just leave. So, that’s it.. The end of my Japan dream.. You can read more about it here, The Dream Chapter.

I was sad and lost that moment... as I had everything prepared. I quitted my job, visa & student pass done, air ticket done... but for nothing. I was really down for many days.. no motivation, no nothing. Just lost. In the world of sadness and disappointment.

But like I said, things happens for a reason, when god closed your door, he will opens up a window for you. Suddenly, I just thought of “ Why not go for Make-up studies? (Since I do plan to learn when I go to Japan). So yea, after some research and queries, I ended up at Top to Toe. One of the make-up academy in Johor Bahru.

I have now graduated from the school for a year plus, sad to say that I am not working in any related field but yes, I still do love make-up although I don't put much on myself (because my eyes are easily tired if I have make-up on it, NOT FAIR!! >_<)

This purpose of this post is to give a brief of how my journey with Make-up started because I am thinking to write about all the things I have learnt chapter by chapter, topic by topic. Its gonna be a long series but I will work hard and improve along the way. Hope you guys will look forward for it~ ^_^

Ending my post with a photo I uses as the cover for my work.

If you would like to know more...
Top to Toe

~Live to Dream ♥ Dream to Live~

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