Jonker street Malacca

How can one not go Jonker street if visiting Malacca, it's like want nasi lemak without sambal, or Teh ice limau without limau (ice lemon tea without lemon), its just not right.

We went to Jonker street in the night as the afternoon weather is killing hot. We walked from Dataran Pahlawan, it takes around 10-15 mins.

Walking our way to Jonker street..

I have been to Malacca for a few times but this is the first time I realize.. Their signboards are in LED lights! Amazing!

The symbolic building

When you see this you know, you are at JONKER STREET!

Its really crowded here..

This is the smelly toufu... I didn't tried.. its....just.. toooooo.... SMELLY!!! I really wonder why kareshi can eat it like its finger licking good... =_=''

Beautiful lighting..

This is what we called "Ding Ding" candy which is known as maltose candy. Why is it "ding ding"? because when they knock on it, it has this "ding ding" sound, hence the name. They used to be quite common when I was younger, but now hardly see them anywhere, so i got really excited when I saw it here.

The geographer cafe... wanted to have a drink with kareshi but gave up at the end because the old folks won't appreciate the ambiance I think, hehe.

Hi, its me.

They happen to have a singing contest that night, what attracts me is the uncle down the stage. The lady singing up there, he shake like he rocks the floor down there! Huge applaud for your bravery uncle!!

Random shot of the street, yeap.. that's kareshi.

Kareshi said he used to come here for breakfast whenever he backpacked to Malacca. He said their breakfast is awesome! I wanna try it leh~~

"San Shu Gong" tomorrow only come here for souvenirs as we are coming to Jonker street for chicken rice ball tomorrow.

The most fanciful Pedicab/ tricycle you will ever see! Even better than Thailand, said kareshi.

After jonker street, its about 9 pm+, kareshi's sister and lil aunt was nagging for karaoke so we decided to just head over to dream box which is located at Dataran Pahlawan. But because the others don't feel like going because they are tired and wanted to go back to rest, kareshi had to lead them back to the homestay as they can't recognize the road. so here I am sitting at McD waiting for kareshi's return.

and here we are, having fun singing K. hehe~ can you guess what song is that? and who is the one singing? heheheh~

End of the post. See ya again.

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