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I always love the moments being with Kareshi and of course I enjoy myself together with his family. Being together with him is always about exploring, may it be food, places, or in fact, everything.

On the Saturday night while we were shopping at Dataran Pahlawan mall, Malacca (you may read my previous post here), we found something interesting!! Its really a cute cutie shop called Jelly Bunny!!

This is not the actual photo of the branch at Dataran Pahlawan (mid valley) because I get so excited and forgot to take a photo of the store.

Kareshi's mummy bought me a pair without letting me know in the first place, only when she hand it over to me then I realized that, so overwhelming! Thank you mummy kareshi, ^_^

The next day we went over again as kareshi's sister wanna buy another pair. At the end, I ended up with another pair too! haha! Kareshi wanted to buy for me but I refused. Called me old school if you want, but I rather not take risk. Haha~ don't wanna give him any slight chances to send me away (Chinese has this old folk's saying that if a man present a woman shoe is symbolize as sending her away)~! I'm gonna stick to him for the rest of his life!! lol Okay, enough.. time to show you what I have got.

Pink one is present by mummy kareshi, yellow bought by myself. Both chosen by kareshi.

Catalogue given by the staff

Have to admit that, the branding of it its really quite nice! Way to go Jelly Bunny!

I love this pastel yellow so much!!

on Isabela~
I love the details of it!

I am wearing size 6~

I can't recall what is the name for this shoe, but I love the dusty pink! Its so sweet!!!

But honestly, I have to dress carefully while putting on this shoe, if not I will look like "Auntie" hhahaha!!

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