Satin balls

I have a dog, I guess many of you didn't know as I think I had never mentioned about it (unless you are my real friends). She is an adorable but naughty one. She was a birthday gift by a very very close friend 2 years back, and her name is Nini.

Nini is 2 years ols now, but right now she weight like feather. Because she almost died few months ago being infected by virus. It cost me a bomb to get her cured but its okay, as long as she is fine now. But ever since then, she is so skinny no matter how much I feed her. She just doesn't grow back. Sent her back to vet several times because of this.

The other day, when I was Google-ing, I came across these post about Satin balls. Satin Ball is especially good for emaciated dogs and dogs who won't eat, some even use it to put weight on their dogs before dog shows. It's high in fat so it puts on weight quickly, but it's also got other ingredients to make it a total diet so it can be fed alone or as a supplement. After a few read-ups and research, I decided to make her Satin Balls!

Few Saturdays back (20 April 13), I went to organic shop to search for all the ingredients that I needed and lucky me, I manage to get them, almost all of them except ready made gelatin.

There are several recipe available online, mostly the same but some tiny modification. This is the one I picked up (I modified abit on the measurement because I have problems in converting all the units so I just anyhow,lol! Measurement in bracket in what I found online).

Ingredients needed:
  1. 2.2kg (5 pounds) hamburger meat/ mince meat
  2. 300g (5 cups) Total whole grain cereal
  3. 300g (5 cups) Oats
  4. 100g (2 cups) raw wheat germ
  5. 150ml (3/4 cup) flax oil/ olive oil
  6. 150ml (3/4 cup) unsulphered molasses
  7. 5 eggs with shell
  8. 5 packets plain gelatine
  9. 150g (1cup) flax seed (optional)
  10. 1 cup ground carrot and its juice (optional)
Total damage is around RM 110.00. All organic stuff. Close up photos below.
mince meat

Whole grain cereal (I think i got the wrong one, not sure.. =p)


Raw Wheat Germ

Olive oil


5 eggs

Replacement of ready made Gelatin

Flax seed


Because I couldn't get ready made gelatine, I got coral grass instead which I will need to slow cooked it with water to act as gelatine.

I cooked it with 700ml of water

But, before cooking it, soak it in water for 15 mins.

As I mentioned earlier, I have problems with the measurement of cups!! so I just... anyhow convert it to grams. Haha.. should be more or less there.

Measuring whole grain cereal

Adding Oats

raw wheat germ

molasses 150ml

Added on olive oil..

Flax seeds..

The instructions said crunch it, but I choose to blend it.. so that its finer and easier to mixed up nicely with the meat.

Tadah~! Its finer right?

After blending all the dry ingredients, time to prepare the carrot juice!
I used 2 carrots to get a cup of juice.

mince meat ready
I decided to mixed the meat with all the liquid ingredient first and last by the dry ingredients.

so here's the eggs and shells.. I smash the shells finer so that its easier for Nini to eat later on. You know, shells can cut, and she is small.

Mixed with the carrot and juice

It turns to this

Add in olive oil and molasses

Mix evenly...

Add in the coral grass or gelatine and mix well

Lastly, mix the dry ingredients! 
and tadah!! I prepare 120g for each serving and freeze them. Just thaw them as needed!
You may feed it raw. I tried feeding it raw to Nini the first day, but I think her stomach can't take it (she never ate raw before as I always cooked her food) so I stop feeding her raw, but slightly grilled it. Initially I was afraid that she will not like it as I always feed her dog and canned food, and she is very choosy!
But, its true.


When she was last weighted last Sunday, she is around 4kgs (I know, is so tiny!), lets hope that this satin balls will really make her grow!


  1. weiii~
    this satin balls look nice !!! can do some for XL? lol!!!!

    1. Hehe~ XL can eat also one~ its all organic ingredient~ my Nini really eat more hao liao den me lo~~

  2. Did she gain weight? Any updates?

    1. Yes Belle, she gained some weight after she starts eating satin ball. She is around 6kg.


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