Food Hunt Day

While I'm writing this, I'm actually still overwhelm. Just can't get Jay Chou out of my head after his concert yesterday. Really love him alot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I even dreamt of Jay last night lo.. really love him from the bottom of my heart! Until Kareshi now also kinda buay song him~ lol! Okay, today its a food hunt post, its all about the food! Bring it on!

Because we were going to mustafa to get some stuff so kareshi suggest why don't we go for the fish soup that he always wanted to bring me to because its at Jalan besar and today is Friday (It opens only on weekdays) and I don't have much chances to be in Singapore during weekdays. So, deal! Mustafa and than Jalan Besar hawker center fish soup!

We walked from little India to mustafa. After getting our things done, we walked to Jalan besar. 

Deng, deng deng~~ the Mei Xiang Black & White Fish soup!

Black & White?

The soup is actually simple. Fried fish and cooked sliced fish together with veggie. That's all. But surprisingly, it is nice! Just that I feel it's abit too oily, it would be perfect if its slightly less oily.

I don't eat chili but kareshi said this is kinda like those chicken rice chili. The texture of the rice is also good! Very chewy!

This is the main point of all I think. I believe the black and white that the stall owner referring its the fish, two different method of cooking. I believe that the black is actually fried fish slice with egg batter. I know, I know.. I shouldn't be eating but kareshi has been wanting to bring me here to try so I just eat silently, 别辜负他的苦心。hehehe~

And the white is the cooked fish slice! I love fish, but I can't stand the fishy smell. Luckily, this doesn't has it, so no worries. Free to go~ whallop everything.

The stall is at second floor, its a corner unit. Shop no.44.
They only serve dine in, no take away allow. but The real funny thing is... Look at their operating time.. 11.12 am.. What a strange timing Lo~ and its first come first serve basis. Although it says opens until 3.00 pm, but normally 1.00 pm+ will be sold out. Some more they are closed on Saturday, Sunday, and public holidays. So many pattern one Lo~ but all these doesn't stop the crowd at all! Hehe~

I guess this stall has just made its way to the top of my list. ^o^

So I manage to go to Jay's Opus concert 2013 in Singapore Indoor stadium (will blog about it soon), Kareshi is the one paying but Shavin is the one that helped kareshi search up and down for the ticket! So I wanna thank Shavin for getting that hence I told kareshi to have dinner together. We decided to go Wham Poa food court for dinner. Kareshi said this food court is a crowded one. But we are here not because of the famous stall. We came for a gem that Kareshi happened to find.

Tadah! This is the gem that I'm talking about! Woodlands branch Hot Plate BBQ fish. (Lady in blue is kareshi's okaasan)

Hello fish!! lol! I think this stall is a franchise, not sure about the other stalls, but I only know this stall has the best stir fried Kai Lan!

It's the ultimate must try! Really, no bluffing one. I can finish it myself the whole plate!

We also ordered stir fries Malay Kang Kong. It's also good but I still prefer Kai Lan~ hehe..

And of course, not forgetting the stingray! It's all love! Finger licking good!

Kareshi also ordered a plate of Hokkien Mee. He said this is the famous stall.

Looks good!! and It's good, but still I prefer the one near kareshi's house. That's another hidden gem! I will blog about it next time if we happen to go there makan.

So if you are looking for some new food to try, try these 2 stalls! No regrets! (at least its really yummy to me, unless you have a very super duper picky tongue~XD)

That's all for today. Adios~ 

~Live to Dream ♥ Dream to Live~

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