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Today I'm gonna talk about makeup brush which I promise like almost 2 months ago in my Makeup journey post, read it here if you have missed it previously.

This is not like the other makeup tutorial but a foundation or a base knowledge post for makeup brushes. Hope after reading it, you will know your brushes more.

Do you know that Good tools will enhance the effect of makeup? I know many of you are like me, lazy. Rather use hand and fingers instead. But really, good tools give you better effect in lesser time.
How and why makeup artists can make anyone look like a super-model? They indeed have the techniques and skills but its also because they have the magic tools – The Makeup Brushes. But of course, you must know how to use it. There are plenty of tutorials out there, go search for it. Or you can just settle with mine. haha~ There are varieties of brushes available in different sizes, shapes and hair/bristles.

The tools are as integral to the makeup as the colors you use. With the right kind of brushes, you can achieve any look with ease. They are mostly made of animal hair- horse, goat or sabre; or made of synthetic materials.

Natural bristles are soft which are better for applying powder-based products effectively- like blush, face powder and eye shadow. Synthetic brushes ease the application of oil-based cosmetics like liquid foundation, cream eye shadow and blush and lipsticks. Choose thick brushes with a soft texture, which are rounded-off on the tip.

There is an array of brushes to choose from, for every part of the face. So let me give you a brief understanding of each brush~

Makeup Brushes for The Face
Whenever you start applying make-up, always start with covering and evening out the face.

  • Foundation Brush: 
The Professional foundation brush is slanting and angled to create very smooth and flawless skin. The tapered edge helps to create smooth textures around the edges of eyes and nose while the flat top blends and leaves skin covered equally. I only use this if I am using liquid foundation. Use my fingers if using moose type (by right should use sponge, hahaha), use sponge if using cream base.

  • Concealer Brush: 
This is a small, round tipped synthetic brush used to conceal and blend. The flexible synthetic brush is flat and hard to be able to reach the dark spots.

  • Powder Brush: 
A power brush is a small round brush with very thick bristles to distribute the luminous powder evenly. The shape is best to evenly smoothed out the loose powder over the face. I use it to apply loose powder throughout the face, its fast and it does the job!

  • Fan Powder Brush: 
This brush helps to apply light powder. The great shape allows you to restrict the quantity of powder that is being used. Thus, helping in controlling the look and not over doing it. You can also use it to swipe away excess powder that drop to your cheek will applying eye shadow.

  • Blush Brush: 
This brush is tapered on the tip for highlighting areas of the face and adding colour. The tapering at the tip helps to enhance the face. I normally use it for blusher and highlights.

  • Contouring Brush: 
Angular shaped used to create a structured sculpture effect. Example Cheek hollow, under jaw line. But this is a small contouring brush which I use it to contour my nose bridge~ for Cheek hollow and under jaw line I have another bigger brush.

That's all for the face brushes~ which one will you pick for your face? Tell me in the comment~
Next makeup post will continue with brushes for the eye and lips~

Stay tune~ ^_^

~Live to Dream ♥ Dream to Live~

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