Wedding Dinner "Fion & Juan"

Yeah, its another wedding dinner! Means another friend got married. I guess among secondary friends, I am the only one left.. oh not forgetting my bestie Chariot~ Others all married and with kids some more. See what had time done to us... suddenly I feel old. Old as in, physical old not mentally~ Because Chariot always says I'm always like a lil girl, and she is always like the elder sister (although in fact, I am a month older than her) haha~

So this time round it's Fion & Juan's big day. They have been together since Uni time and now finally it blooms.

Their wedding dinner was held at Grand Paragon Hotel.

Stuck in the jam at Singapore custom. So some selfie please! Lol

Photo with the newly weds and Chariot. My outfit for the night. Dress from Summerdoll, heels from Pedro, bag from Taiwan, handmade pearl earrings and bracelet are presents from mummy when I was 21.

Whenever I need to attend wedding or some function, only I realize I freaking need to shop for dresses!! I have nothing to wear, oh my gosh!

With my precious babe Chariot.

The sisters of the night wore purple. Left to right, Fanny (a mother of one), Karen (a mother of two), Chariot (next bride-to-be?).

Backdrop of the night. Done by the newly wed~

With chariot babe and fanny.

Door gift.

Grand paragon hotel

I love this photo of Fion the most! Sexy back!

Cake cutting~~

First dish is up! Time to dug in! Lol

Fion's second march in. Sorry for the blurred photo. I just can't hold the camera right when I'm munching food in my mouth.

Champagne toast session. It's funny that I always will cry on wedding dinners. Almost every time! It's just so touching and you can really feel the love in the air~ May the both of you stay happy and loving always!

Another shot with my busy baby~ Chariot

Flowers at the reception~ if you know me, I'm not a flower girl. I don't like receiving it but watching/ looking at it it's okay~ it's an enjoyment. I just don't like receiving it. Haha.

I love my hair that night~ so obedient and in place~ lol.. Sky blue Circle lens from rainbow color by Cheesie~ My makeup of the night and also one of The best shot of the night! Lol..


If you would like to know more...
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