Giveaway: 3CE by Stylenanda

Ohai!! How have you peeps been?
Hope everything is smooth for everyone! Its finally weekend again!! Just can't stop loving it don't you?

Do you know recently I have started taking orders for 3CE (3 Concept eyes) by Stylenanda?
If you don't, you know now.

3CE is a Korean brand cosmetic that is the HIT/ BIG "IN" trend now in Korea and Asia. And it does receive quite good reviews. I have a short brief about 3CE here, go ahead and read it.

To celebrate this new start, here is a giveaway! *scream people! scream!!

Are you excited?? I am! I am!!!
Every girl loves makeup (especially me. Just can't have enough)! Plus its free! Who doesn't love free makeup? Who??!!? Say, SAY you LOVE it! lol

Okay, so this time I am giving away 2 items.

1 unit of 3CE Cream Blusher- New Pink and
1 unit of Lip Pigment - Mink Orange.
Each for a winner.

The giveaway will end anytime without prior notice,
so if you are reading this now, join now!
Don't wait! Good things never does.

How to join?
Head to my facebook page A Walk With Aud or my instagram @awalkwithaud now to find out!


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