Disney Magical Night for Zeff

This actually happened around end of September.
I received a maxis message contest to win a pair of tickets to watch DisneyLive! Mickey's Magic Show.

Without thinking much, I just sent in my entry and uhh, I won. I was actually kinda excited, thinking to go with kareshi but then found out that it's at KL.

So I decided not to waste the ticket (its RM 188/ ticket), I called my dearest Zeff to check if she is able to attend. After getting a nod from her (told her to treat it as her early birthday present), I registered her as my guest of honoured.

Below are the photos she sent me.
The ticket to the world of magic. Mickey's magic show was held at Plenary Hall KLCC. The show starts at 8 pm but ticket collection starts at 5.30 pm.

I believe nobody doesn't know Disney. Everybody knows.

Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Snow white and more. We grow up watching them. Whenever you mention Disney, its always full of sweet memories. The cartoons back then were so much better and educational than the current ones. Call me old school, I don't mind but it is a fact that you have to admit.

Cotton Candies! My Childhood favorite!

I told Zeff to bring another partner along as its two free tickets. I do not know the girl but I hope she enjoys the show too~

Happy Zeff smiling like a lil girl who just got her first barbie doll~ hehe

More of Zeff and her bestie~

Opps, the show is about to start~~
*really wonder how was it..
Zeff, why you no take video?? lol

Well, I hope the show was good and you did enjoy the Disney Magical night by Mickey, Zeff.
Once again, 

Happy Birthday My Dear Zeff~
Stay Lovely Always~ 

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