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What a pleasant surprise it was when I received the email from Nuffnang inviting me to cover the event, Sector Focused Career Fair UTM. This is my very first project with Nuffnang and I am really
excited about it.

The SFCF UTM was held on the 4 & 5 December 2013 at Dewan Sultan Iskandar, University Teknologi Malaysia. It is an initiative taken by TalentCorp, UTM, and Graduan to share with the undergraduates how to choose their career path. Information about different industries was being provided. They include - Oil & Gas, Electronics & Electrical, IT, Telecommunication, Biotechnology, Finance, Accounting, Healthcare, Tourism, FMCG & Education. However the main topic during the talk was in the field of Engineering. 

More than 30 companies showed their support in SFCF UTM. Sunway group, Honda Malaysia, Dialog group, Eastern Steel and Toyota Motor are amongst them.

The event was officiated by the representative of UTM.

The speakers for the CEO forum (Engineering Your Future) are, CEO of TalentCorp, Johan Mahmood Merican, representative of UTM, Assistant Manager (HR) of Honda Malaysia, Ms Aisha Karim and the Assistant General Manager (HR) of Sunway Construction, Mr Clayton Tan.

During the CEO forum, Mr Clayton Tan shared his thoughts that the new generation of graduates do not speak up. They are not true to themselves as they present themselves the way that society expects. This is a situation he would not like to see; hence he encourages the graduates to be true to themselves and have the courage to speak up and be more expressive.

In fact, Malaysia is full of talents but many of them are not aware of the available avenues to seek assistance and opportunity. This is where SFCF will come in. It plays the role as an agent to expose the young graduates to more information and help them to have a better understanding of the different sectors and to encourage them to pursue an exciting career. A very good example is the Iskandar Malaysia project where opportunities are plentiful which are just right at our doorstep.

For the past few years, Iskandar Malaysia has been focusing on a lot on tourism, education and health care. However the next phase of development will be targeting the creative industries, oil and gas, manufacturing, food and agriculture, as well as the industries that support Halal hub. All these activities and development will provide a lot of opportunities for people who are pursuing an engineering career.

On top of the tangible gains, the people who are involved in the development of the Iskandar Malaysia will surely be proud that they had helped built history. They will have stories to share with the next generation, to tell their children that they helped build Legoland and part of the Pinewood studio.

Before the end of the CEO talk, the distinguished guests were accompanied by a robot engineered by Mohd Ridzuan Johary and Shafeek Ahmad Mustafah from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, UTM. The guests were impressed by the little robot.

TalentCorp's booth

In the afternoon, a couch corner was held.

 Door gifts by SFCF

The hall gets a lot more crowded later.

It is heartening to know that these corporations care for the well being of the future generations. They put a lot of effort into this event and provided the undergraduates with a better picture of the available career paths. In fact I can’t help but be envious. It will be much easier road for me to walk on if there’s one of these events was held during my time. Then again, without those tough roads, I will not be who I am now.

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