FacebookIs10: My 6 years Flashback Moments

In a blink of eye, Facebook is now 10.

How long have I been with Facebook?
Hmm.. 6 good years. Wow, that's pretty long don't you think? I don't even realize it.
How time flies huh? I think I'm pretty much the same old me, maybe slightly more mature? No? Aww..

But one thing for sure, I am Slimmer now!! And prettier right? I know.. lol

Actually, all these external factors don't really mean much to me la, the only thing I care/ hope I've gained throughout these years would be "Wisdom". Do note that "Knowledge" does not equals to "Wisdom".
Knowledge is academical, whereas Wisdom is life. Philosophy of life.

One can be very good in studies but he/ she might not be wise. There ain't shortcut to obtain Wisdom. It can only be gained through living life, a true life.

You know.. Sometimes, it is good to look back.
So you know that Time flies, and many things change.
So you learn to cherish and appreciate.
Have you changed for a better cause?
I think I am a better (wiser) person now, and I hope I will be even better down the road.

Here's a flashback video of my Facebook moments.

How's yours?

If you would like to know more...
A Walk With Aud: www.facebook.com/awalkwithaud

I need your Love~♥

♥~Live to Dream′Dream to Live~♥

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