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Early December, I went to KL with mummy for my cousin's wedding luncheon. I hardly have my chance to visit KL so I want to make sure my KL trip turns out fruitful, and it did!

I brought mummy to Number 76 Bangsar Telawi 1 for hairdo, read it >>Here<<. Visited aunt Diong (mum's old friend) and had an awesome meal at her German restaurant, read it >>Here<<.

And of course, catch up with my lovely friends and Aunt Belinda at a very unique, die die must go Chinese restaurant- <Dian Huo Xin Wo 点火心窝> (DHXW).

<Dian Huo Xin Wo 点火心窝> is an effort of 4 buddies, one of them is my friend- Jeffrey Oh. Each of them take charge of different aspect. Jeff is an interior designer so obviously, he is in charged of the restaurant's ID and marketing.

Their say:
Dian Huo Xin Wo (点火心窝) is brought to you by four entrepreneurs; where four great minds think alike, with the passion of revamping our traditional 'Hot-pot' to a whole new level.

The id concept of < Dian Huo Xin Wo 点火心窝> is Chinese Vintage. To be frank, I fall in love with it the moment I stepped in. That's why I long long time ago already told Jeff that he will be the one in charge of my future house (sorry Jeff, declination not accepted, lol).

Their say:
Our deco concept is a cross-match of vintage Chinese with a hint of contemporary aura. Wooden planks walls in adjourn with inspiring Edison bulbs are abundant and quirky beautiful. 
Why < Dian Huo Xin Wo>? Some of you may asked or even find the name strange (or don't even know how to pronounce it huh?). I don't deny that it's English (alphabetical) name is sorta weird because it is translated directly from its Chinese name <点火心窝> which has it's meaning.

Origin of the name (layman's term)
< Dian Huo Xin Wo> is a Chinese cuisine restaurant that serves Dim Sum (点心) in the morning and steamboat (火锅) in the noon.

A blend of 2, turns out to be < Dian Huo Xin Wo 点火心窝>. If you realized, they changed the Chinese wording 锅 to 窝 (same pronunciation) which gave the whole name a soft touch.

< Dian Huo 点火> means light up, and < Xin Wo 心窝> means the heart. So < Dian Huo Xin Wo 点火心窝> = to light up your heart which means to enjoy your precious moments with love ones with a delighted mood.

Their say:
You can enjoy your meal in the 1960-style dining area with its oriental motif, with your family or friends companion that add the right degree of heart-warming atmosphere. Hence, the name Dian Huo Xin Wo 点火心窝. It simply means indulging your Hot-Pot session in a heart-warming mood!
Such a nice name isn't it? So much of personal touch! I like! lol. Well, along with the interesting name, there are numbers of interesting decos you can find in the restaurant, so let's take a restaurant tour first ya?

Old school mini TV

Wooden crafted signature tablet- a gift from a friend for their opening

Wa, super old telephones! Especially the middle one.

I like this table clock! It's really cute!

If you have kids at home, don't put this in your house.

They recycled loom machines into table stands. Nice! I have one at home, maybe I should get kareshi to transform it too.

Some random decos such as lamp post, iron, and uhh... a Urinal?! lol

Ah, cameras! I actually tempted to take them down to try but I scare kena scold sia~ lol

Colorful Wooden planks. Do you know that the wooden planks you see in this restaurant are literally from those old wooden house?
They bought over an old wooden house because they wanted these old wooden planks. Yes, the planks in the restaurant can build a house.

A very huge mirror with 2 Chinese drawing on both sides

Oh, typewriter. How long has it been since I last saw one? Can't imagine myself using it to type this blog post, I would have killed many many tress for all the typo errors.

Mini Coca-cola bottles

Okay, okay I know. I heard you, geez, just how hungry are you?  Keep bugging me for food.
Fine, since we are mostly done with the interior intro, we shall move on to the food. Are you satisfied now? *throw confetti's!
While waiting for the others to arrive, we (me, mummy and Hermes. Surprisingly Hermes arrived early too. So rare!) started on our own, lol. Let's see what we had for the night.

Appetizer: Japanese Cucumber, RM 4.50

Appetizer: Fried Salmon Skin, RM 6.00

The three musketeers!! The bottom one is the best Chilli in the house (claimed Hermes, mummy & Kareshi- smuggled some for kareshi to try)!

Home brewed Herbal Tea, RM 6.00/ bottle

Intrude a selfie with mummy. Both our hair done by Yoshi from Number76 Bangsar Telawi 1.

and My buddy- Hermes. Damn love to act.

Okay, continue with the food list. Snapper Fish slice, RM 15.00 and fresh prawn, RM 16.00

The balls. Signature beef ball RM 8.00, Crystal fish ball RM 6.00, Shrimp ball RM 8.00, and Golden york pork ball RM 8.00. The juiciest and bounciest balls!

Squid ball RM 7.00, Dumpling RM 6.00, Sweet Corn RM 4.00, Tongsam Century Egg RM 4.50, and Osmanthus Mussel RM 14.00. 
Osmanthus mussel was said to be uniquely served by Dian Huo Xin Guo which you can not find else where!

American Wagyu slice beef RM 36.00 and slice pork loin RM 16.00
Dian Huo Xin Guo advocates the "what you see is what you get" concept. The photos (display photos) in the menu is not for illustration purpose only. They offer you the exact amount/ quantity/ size of food as shown in the photos. It is truly a "what you see is what you get".

Their say:
In Dian Huo Xin Wo (点火心窝) you will find the freshest quality ingredients used, along with our highly recommended Australian Snowflake Wagyu beef slice; ready to be dipped in our signature soup. As they say, the soup is always the heart of all hot-pot sessions! We serve our hearty Oriental Pork Soup, where you can never go wrong with this classic soup base. Psst- the longer your hot-pot session, the better flavour your soup gets! Same goes to our Herbal Soup base, where black chicken and herbs are served together to boost its fragrance and flavour. Not forgetting the spice lovers, you may also opt for our sizzling clear Tom Yum soup, perfect combination with our freshly handmade meatballs.
Indeed, the food they served are the freshest I've tried. They live up to what they claimed to be, a plus point here. You know, it is very frustrating when a brand/ restaurant does not deliver what they claim to be or promised. It feels cheated, but you will not experience this at DHXW. That is how good they are.

We ordered Yuan Yang (mix) soup which is a combination of Tom Yum and Pork Oriental, RM 18.00.
It is true that ingredients play important role but the soul of a hot-pot lies within the base soup. I love steamboat, I've tried many. But, honestly DHXW serves the best soup. You may think that I am saying all the good things because it is my friend's restaurant, but trust me for just once. Go try it yourself and you will know I am not joking nor flattering even for a bit on how good it is, because they are truly good!

Oh my, this shrimp ball is so good and fresh! (O_O!)

Even the Chilli they served are the best! You know it when you see these two "Gilers" cheers with it rather than drinks. lol

The authentic cheers. Yammmmm Senggggggg~~~
Cheers to our precious friendship!

The whole night, Hermes just can't stop eating, the food is too good for him to stop he said. lol

After 2 hours of eating, we finally finished 90% of it, and this is when everyone becomes very giving and polite, distributing food to each others plate. The typical scene at the end of steamboat/ buffet session, lol.

Well, it wasn't all about food that night, we had something on as a surprise- Raquel's belated birthday celebration.

This photo was actually a decoy to distract Raquel's attention so that Hermes can actually pop up from behind with the cake, and in fact, he wanted to sneakily take photo together but too bad, my hand ain't long enough. Sorry ar Hermes (but you can still see him smiling happily thinking that he was captured, okay, that makes me felt even guiltier). 

We sang her a birthday song along with Hermes performing his best trick, singing & dancing for the birthday girl.

Happy Birthday Raquel! Stay happy, healthy and lovely always ya~ Love you! ^_^

I almost forgot to mention this. Dian Huo Xin Wo has an ice cream stall at the store front. It's not the ordinary ice cream but something different.

How different? See for yourself. Pour the Vanilla liquid into the freezing plate machine, it will then started to freeze. Keep "frying" it to prevent it becoming stone freeze. Add some topping and continues "frying" until it is nicely mixed and ready to be served (uhh, I sound like a cooking instruction manual).
The whole making process took 3 minutes! Although from the photos it seems to be easy but it is not. To "scrap" and "fry" the ice cream need lots of strength and energy. It's all about Kung Fu. lol

Hermes Po receiving his Kung Fu ice cream from Master Oogway.

Po posing with his Kung Fu ice cream with a satisfying smile.

Master Oogway is still preforming the making of Kung Fu ice cream at the back, but we already started to enjoying it.

Po and friends enjoying Kung Fu Ice cream. It is soft, smooth not the best of it is, it is not very sweet like those commercial ice cream you can get in hypermarts. I like it a lot!
LOL! Enough for the lame joke. I'm just trying to show you guys that I really enjoyed my night together with my dearest friends at Dian Huo Xin Wo.

My lovely bao bao (babies/ precious), it's always fun to be with you girls. Hope you love the food here.

My best buddy ji mui, thank you for everything all these years. It's glad to see you again~ ^_^

Opps, blurred.

Caught him fooling around with my Soney Nex F3. He was trying to figure on how to function the selfie function. lol

Mummy and Aunt Belinda

Thank you for making time for me to meet up, I love my girls.

Ya, girls including him.

After this goodbye, don't know when we will gather together again. Really miss those uni days.

Before leaving, of course have to take a photo with the boss. Thanks Jeffrey for dropping by on purpose. Only one word to describe Dian Huo Xin Wo, which is "AWESOME". You guys did a great job here!

Thank you for such a delicious and amazing meal, we truly enjoyed and had lots of fun.
Verdit? We love Dian Huo Xin Wo! We will definitely visit again! Our next gathering venue should be here, ah.. why not make it our "permanent" gathering venue? lol.

Although this event took place one and a half month ago, but I choose to post it now because Lunar New Year is just a week away. I introduce it to you now so that you can actually book a slot right away after reading this post before it slipped your mind. Thoughtful right? You are welcome.

So if you plan to dine out for reunion dinner, why not give Dian Huo Xin Guo a try? Steamboat is one of the best dish for reunion dinner! Everyone sits around a hot-pot, enjoy the delicious dinner together, isn't it the world most wonderful thing?

Not to forget that Dian Huo Xin Guo had just launched their special (newly invented) Bacon Yee Sang (or is it Bacon Sang? lol)! It's a Specially remedy for those who doesn't like fish/ scare of fishy smell. The #musttry dish of the year!
Bacon Yee Sang at RM38.80 only

Call them at +603 7887 4557 / +6012- 296 3886 to make your reservation today before they are fully booked!

Don't worry, you will not missed Dian Huo Xin Wo even it's night fall. The striking yellow wall and green signboard will definitely draw your attention.

Thanks for reading all the way to the end. I hope you enjoyed. To rewards you, here's an ongoing #giveaway that ends on the 28th January. Head over to join and win yourself some nice gift for coming #CNY.

Happy Chinese New Year in Advance (in case no newer post till CNY, lol)!


If you would like to know more...
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