My 100happydays Challenge

The secret to be young and pretty/ beautiful is to be happy. Sounds familiar? Well, it's true. How many of you are happy? From the bottom of your heart.

After I've met kareshi, after I get to know more about Buddhism, after I've learn to be grateful, I realize I am a much happier person. I feel the tiny changes, I know I am a better person and surely happier day by day.

The latest huge incident that clouds all Malaysians and the rest of the people around the world would be the missing of #MH370. I wrote about my rants >>Here<<. It is a sad incident I cried countless times over it but then again, it reminds me of what is truly important in life.

Happiness can be found everywhere. It all depends on how you look at them. I stumbled upon a #100happydays website and find it interesting, so I decided to take up the challenge. In order to make this challenge credible, I made myself a promise that I will not do it for the sake of doing. What I will be showcasing throughout the 100 days on my instagram @awalkwithaud (sharing to facebook page, twitter and tumblr) shall be truly and solely base on what really makes me happy.

So, here's my day 1 to 5.

Day 1. White valentine. Although we don't celebrate this day, but I take is as an opportunity to do something sweet to cheer him and to show him how much I love him~ lol
First time editing using a new app I bought @Fontaapp 
Day 2. Happiness can be as simple as having nice food! Courtesy of Chef Neow Meng from Traders hotel!

Day 3. Thank you for your mercy mother nature. We needed this rain badly! I could literally smell the rain! When it started to rain heavily, I dashed out into the rain and turn round and round like a happy kid! Kareshi couldn't stopped me~ lol

Day 4. Look what I've found while cleaning/ packing my wardrobe! Woohoo!! I was so happy that I couldn't stop giggles until Kareshi asked: "Baby, are you okay?" lol

Day 5. Feeling so in love eating the sweet corn BBQed by kareshi (the one in blue white stripes) at his cousin's birthday's party. He stood there BBQing the whole night, making sure that everyone has enough to eat. Awww, such a thoughtful man I have! *Happiness level max))

I started this challenge on the White Valentine, 14.03.14. It's been 6 days now and I am really having fun. I think it's really a good challenge to take on as it acts as a reminder to keep your mind positive and be happy all the time! Head to #100happydays website to checkout more!

Finding happiness through daily life can be fun. Sometimes you will never expect small little things can give you such joy! Join me, join the fun! Follow me at Instagramfacebook pagetwitter and tumblr to find out what interesting happiness I will find down the 100 days!

Thanks for reading. Untill next time,

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