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I've been looking forward to this day (12.04.14) because its our gathering + review day. Speaking of it, it was the first "real" gathering of Johor Bloggers we had (although some can't make it due to studies), but still so much of excitement because we will be reviewing a Game House- Mystery Room Escape!

Here's a little briefing/ background check. Mystery Room Escape is the first room escape in South Malaysia, Johor. It was launched last year 5 November. It was an inspiration from Thailand room escape that the owner- Mr Anson played. He felt that it is very fun yet educational; hence he decided to bring it in to Malaysia.

Mystery Room Escape is converted from a commercial bungalow show unit by developer. It is on rent from the developer. Initially I was still wondering, do we really need an hour for such a small area? Well, all I can say is never underestimate it, or should I say don't overestimate yourself? lol

Oh ya, we had a group discussion about Johor Bloggers group (will make an announcement about it soon) that morning at gCafe. Food wasn't too fantastic as my Aglio-Olio was bland but heard the Chicken Bolognese was not bad. Environment is nice but weak wifi connection that caused slow work progress.
Eryn's Burger
Carinn's Chicken Bolognese Spaghetti

Okay, back to the game. Our game slot is 2.30 pm. To ensure your experience with it, I do recommend early booking. They can be very packed sometimes, especially during weekend so do call in for a booking before you drive all the way there end up disappointed.

Ohai! Selfie with Carinn before the game starts. She is a super nice girl! I love her!

Now, let's take a room tour. This is where they called the Hall of Fame. All these are the succeeded “"escapers" from different games.

Whereas, this is the wall of shame. Those who fail the mission who either got beaten up by the prisoners, skinned by the pirates or eaten up by the mummies. Oh man, I hope we will not be on this wall!

There are 3 different games according to different level of difficulties. The beginner: One Piece- The Ghost Captain. p/s: spot Carinn in the photo. Lol

The intermediate- Prisoner's Torment

and the advance - The Curse of Pharoah. Yes, we challenged this. The most difficult ones.

I could not reveal the game, you will have to try it yourself! But I can show your the stairs to the room and outside the rooms. Hahaha. Do note that no camera and phones are allow in the room ya. There are lockers for you to keep all your personal belongings.

Tick tock, tick tock. After a long good hour, make a guess, will we be on at the hall or wall?

Tadah~ the hall of course! Never mess with the Ma Cherie Johor Bloggers! Shit, I look so funny here!

Mystery Room Escape will provide 2 instant films. One for the wall/ hall, one for you to keep.

Kareshi came just in time to pick me up when we finish the game. Too bad he doesn't get the chance to play. Well, let's go to their new branch maybe?

Collage of the day. Me, with sweet Carinn, with lovely Edlyn, with Hot mama Eryn, and with the awesome cook Jennifer! We really had fun! I screamed a lot. LOL! I accidentally moved something caused LerLer to scream her heart out which in the end scared me too (by her screams) hence I end up screaming my heart out too! lol

How can I miss having a photo with Our Game Master of the day right? Thank you for your help, without you I am pretty sure we will end up at the wall. Haha, arigatou!

Tadah! Check out our record! 59m 5s not very good but still manage to clear the mission hor! (with multiple times of help from the Game Master, lol). PlayCheat one.
Well, go challenge yourself today! Get your family and friends to tag along too! It is definitely a fun but yet educational game. Everyone comes together/ work together/ crack heads together to solve the puzzles and escape obstacles. You will feel very satisfying at the end of the game. It is indeed a very different kind of bonding time with love ones rather than just Sing K, shopping and movie, and its certainly more meaningful don't you think so?

For more information,
Mystery Room Escape address:
5A Showhouse, Jalan Persiaran Jaya Putra 1,
Bandar Jaya Putra,
81100 Johor Bahru, 

Operating hours: 12.00pm - 12.00am
Tel: 07-300 9569
Facebook: Mystery Room Escape

Mystery Room Escape will be having their second branch at Sutera. Soft launch will be on the 1 May. There will be more themes (5 I heard) and it will be totally different from Bandar Jaya Putra. Wonder what's the new themes/ games? Let's find out together!

Sutera Utama Branch
15A & 15B, Jalan Sutera Tanjung 8/2,
Taman Sutera Utama,
81300 Skudai,

After the review, we continue our discussion at Flames Kitchen. Bloggers at work, bet we are damn serious, it ain't no joke. Just look at the messy table. lol

After that, me and kareshi went to Sutera area for dinner and chillax.

Enjoying the moment of two at black ball to end our fruitful day.

p/s: Just saw an update from Mystery Room on the new coming themes at Sutera. OMG, this looks damn scary sia!!!
Image credit to Mystery Room Escape Facebook

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  2. disqus_mKJhlrw9bA26 April, 2014 10:18

    Aw love you too! ^^ Btw, HAHAHAHA! The photo looks like I'm ON the pirate ship! XD Cece, wish you could've joined us!

  3. Aw love you too! ^^ Btw, HAHAHAHA! The photo looks like I'm ON the pirate ship! XD Cece, wish you could've joined us!

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