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Thanks to Huiying- a Johor Blogger also a guest blogger on mfp, I got to know that they are looking for the Next MFP Blogger, so I thought maybe I can be part of them.
Are you the Next MFP Blogger?

I thought that it will be appropriate to intro myself for the start. Well I am Audrey, friends call me Aud in short. I'm from Johor, Johor Bahru but travel to Singapore almost every week. Well, I'm turning 29 this coming August, but I don't feel any older but younger instead. Age is just a number, don't you agree? What's more important is the heart/ mind. Young heart = young look, agree? (See for yourself, I don't look like some one who is turning 30 soon, right? *face palm.

I started blogging since 2005, but wasn't active until 2012. It was then a passion, something I enjoy doing and will continue doing. "A Walk with Aud" used to have a "not so glamour" name (don't feel like revealing it, ha!) until September 2013, my kareshi (boyfie) helped me to revamp my blog look, name, and finally got my very own domain. You can read more >>here<<. I would love to take the opportunity to thank my kareshi once again for this. Thank you darling!

Why A Walk With Aud? Well, I love writing and I have been sharing about my life through this blog since 2005. Like Steve Jobs, I like taking a walk with people who are dear to me. I especially like to talk and share about my thoughts, my life during the quiet strolls. That's why reading my blog is like growing and walking life together with me.

If you were to ask what do I blog about, I would say "anything". I do not blog on a specific topic but almost everything/ anything I came across in my life, may it be beauty, fashion, food, travel, even current issues. They are part of life and I would love to share them all. Well, you may find it to be more incline towards beauty or makeup (it is my interest) but yea, I am always trying to balance my covered topics because I believe life is all about balancing, walking the middle path. Not too much, not too little. Plus, readers get to read different interesting topics right?

My writing style is more relax, like story telling. I believe it has more personal touch and readers will feel more engaging this way. I may not practise the perfect English in writing but definitely not broken. Malaysian/ Singlish is different though. It makes my local readers feel more hommy/ like an old friend while reading my blog, which is what I want my blog to be, a home/ a friend to my beloved readers.

Have I mentioned that I am also a freelance makeup artist? I graduated from Top to Toe academy and has been doing freelance makeup whenever I am free. My personal preferred makeup style will definitely be minimalist, simplicity. Heard of Less is More? I am a believer of that. Yes, in fact "less" is even harder to achieve, believe me, it is. Oh ya, currently I am also upgrading myself with hairstyle course.
photo credit to Jim Ng, my ex boss who came to support me
Well, basically that's more or less about me and my humble blog. Blogging takes passion (and I take pride in it). Without passion, it can never last. I may not be the best yet but throughout the years, I have been improving. My writing skill has improved, so is my photography skill (soon I will be investing in a ring light and a 35 mm lens for better photos). I will keep on improving myself to produce better and quality contents because I want my readers to have the best and to read the best.

Thank you for walking by. I hope you enjoy your walk. May the odds be with me for the Next MFP blogger contest.

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Are you the Next MFP Blogger?

Are you the Next MFP Blogger?

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  1. Do you do that models hair and makeup? If so, that is gorgeous work!

  2. Hello~~ Yea~~ I did the hair, makeup and her dress for the creative makeup exam. Thank you so much for your compliment. I didn't win though because judges says the colors were not vivid enough, if I were to apply more, I would have won! but still I am still greatful and happy for that compliment! ^_^

  3. Your welcome! You have an amazing talent with makeup/hair.

    HCXO Semirah

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  6. you look so young! definitely not 29 =DD

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