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I hereby calling out to all seafood fans, you better not skip this post when you stumble upon it. I would advise you to continue reading so that you can thank me later because this post featured an awesome seafood treat you would not want to miss.

Now mark the coming Friday night on your calender. Done? Don't ask why, just follow me to Harbour Café, Traders Hotel located in Puteri Harbour Johor because from now on, every Friday Harbour Café will have its scrumptious Seafood Buffet for all seafood lovers! Yes, Seafood buffet!!!

Anxious to find out what are being offered? So am I! As you walked into Harbour Café, you will be welcomed by this long salad bar. I am not a salad person, so I basically skipped this session but I will still give a brief intro.
If you walk around Harbour Café it is not difficult to realize that Traders hotel or I should say the chefs took time and effort to decorate the whole place. Every single corner is nicely packaged with appropriate decorations.

On the salad bar itself, there are varieties of choices. The fish palette.

How can you not have fresh fruits for salad right? I guess that's the only food I eat on the salad bar (told you I am not a salad person).

Oh my! Guess what I found on the salad bar? A huge tub of Cheese!!! Can I takeaway some? I need them to cook Creamy Tuna spaghetti for kareshi, lol.

After the salad bar, you will be greeted by Sushi station. The sashimi are free flow!!! EAT-ALL-YOU-CAN!! (Ermm, it's buffet of course it's free flow!) Haha, too excited to see sushi, you know I'm a Japan freak, I go crazy over anything related to Japan.

But, I'm not the only one that went crazy over the sashimi and sushi. Look at how excited Ler is! She is definitely enjoying herself to the max!

I love their soft shell crab too! It's a hot snatch, so do grab one when you see them on the tray, or else you will have to wait for the next.

Besides sashimi and sushi, there are plenty of fresh seafood variety available at the sushi station too! Prawn, crab, oyster, octopus; you name it, they have it!

Just next to it is the seafood station! Pick the seafood of your choice, hand it to the chef, tell them how you would love your seafood to be cooked, and the chef will prepare for you!

Among all, I have to say this is my favourite! Salmon with Salted Crust! It is so so so so nice! I almost wanted to bring the whole fish to my table, but I decided not to because good stuff must share right? You are welcome.

I especially like the decoration of the soup corner. It's very old school, reminds me of childhood memories where we still use charcoal and stove like this to cook. Although I didn't get the chance to try the soup, but Ler says the Lotus soup is good!

If any of you can't be satisfied just by seafood, Traders does provide some meat dish at the BBQ station for the buffet session too!

Chef Alan says, when it comes to beef, potato side dish is a must!

Other than seafood and meat, they also have some Chinese cuisine ready to be served. Some noodles, dimsum can be found at the noodle station. I really like the thoughtfulness of Traders. Although it is suppose to be Seafood only since it is seafood buffet, but they are flexible when it comes to attending to the needs of customers, hence they provide some meat and Chinese cuisine just in case some may have craving for them. 

Can't remember who ordered this (wonder if it's chef that ordered for us), but I have to say this Chili Crab is good! Finger licking good!

And the best of all, we have a private crab cracker! Thanks Kelvin for cracking and serving the crab meat! We can't thank you more! Arigatou gozaimasu!

After all those heavy food, time for something light, it's Dessert time! I am absolutely an Ice cream person (actually it is because I can't eat cakes!! so Imma gonna lie to myself that I don't like cakes, I only love ice cream.)

There are more than 30 types of cakes and dessert available. They keep saying that this is nice, that is good, but I can't taste them!! so I revenge by eating another bowl of ice cream! lol

Oh ya, how can I not mention their DUO chocolate fondue? It was said that it's the first in Johor! Have you tried them? Don't be so out-dated ya, try it this Friday when you go for the seafood buffet.

Besides all the dessert above, we were lucky to be treated for some extras. Tiramisu, they said this is just okay, the coffee taste is not strong enough.

but this New York Cheese cake is the BEST, best of all! So creamy and it melts in your mouth! I swear when I saw their facial expression, I have the urge to just swallow the whole cake.

You know, after all those food, we can hardly move so we just stick to the chairs and have some chit chatting with Chef Neow. He shared with us his story, some of his secret method in cooking (quite useful as I want to cook nice food for my kareshi). Besides sharing his stories, he also shared with us his best dessert- Red bean paste Crepes.

Jade paste (lotus paste with pandan juice) Crepes. Don't underestimate these crepes, it takes lots of skill and hours to make them. I  love them but it's so hard to find these on normal restaurant, so now I know why nobody wants to make them, because it is too troublesome and too much effort.

With Chef Neow Kor Ming! Thanks for the courtesy dessert! I really really love it!

One with Aida. It's not the first time I met her (in fact we've met countless times due to my job, will be seeing her more in the coming month), but still it's my pleasure to see you!

With Eryn and Aida, PIC of Traders Hotel.

Thanks Traders Hotel, Thanks Aida, Thanks Chef Neow and Chef Alan for the scrumptious Seafood Buffet, I will definitely come back for it!

It's Wednesday today, 2 days to Friday! Now, pick up your phone and start calling to make your reservation! Reservation can be done by calling this number (607) 560 8888 / (6012) 260 7294 or email You better do because it is always very crowded. Hope you will enjoy the seafood as much as I did!
Seafood Buffet is available on Every Friday from 6.30 pm to 10.00 pm. Price is RM 108++ per adult and RM54++ per child (under 12 years old).

Need another reason for you to pick up the phone and start calling? Okay, how about ample of free parking space, sounds good? Get your fingers moving now.

Thanks for reading. Until next time,

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