Non-Surgical Thread Face Lift with Mediviron Part 2

Hello lovelies, it's Saturday! How is it going so far? I will be heading out for a review soon. Ha, that means more deadlines to meet. Well, let's back track a little to last Saturday. I went to KL last Sat with my world best Okaasan. She is so nice that she volunteered to accompany me to KL for my Mediviron Non-surgical Thread Facelift review. 

Yes I did the treatment 3 weeks ago, if you missed it, read it >>here<<. The result was immediate and obvious.  I have slightly obvious bruises on the treated area and it was swelling for the first week. It then went off slowly. After 3 weeks, this is how I look now. When I smile, I still have laugh lines (if totally don't have it at all I bet I will look damn fake), but it is so much better compare to previous.

When I don't smile, the lines are not so obvious now, it used to be so deep that even when I'm not smiling, you can see 2 strokes (yes line sounds thin, strokes sound stronger, lol) that makes me look darn old and it's like I am having some serious sagging muscles. T_T Seriously, the before and after is very obvious! Don't believe me? Read my before post >>Here<<. (I was trying to mimic Cheong Song-Yi makeup that day, got look alike or not? Guess not huh? lip color ain't bright enough.)

Doctor said that my recovery is in good progress hence no need for filler now. I can come back for second review 2 months later. She said the effect of non-surgical thread facelift will be at its fullest effect at 3 months time whereby the thread will become part of your body tissue and starts stimulate collagen for your skin.

But Dr is very thoughtful for understanding that I drove all the way up to KL just for the review, she offers mummy a trial session of LED light treatment, thank you doctor, that's really nice of you! See you again in 2 months time!

If you are interest in Mediviron, by all means do contact them.
Address: LG 9, Lower Ground Floor, Wisma UOA II, Jalan Pinang, 50450 Kuala Lumpur.

Operating hours:
Monday - Thursday: 8.30am - 6.00pm
Friday & Saturday: 8.30am - 6.30pm
Sunday & Public Holiday: Closed

Twitter: @MedivironUOA

Once in a blue moon OOTD shot. What I wore to KL for review.
Top: Polo Tee
Skort: Foruchizu
Wedges: Charles and Keith
Bag: Taobao
Bracelet: Divas

Bought this at Uniqlo. It was a love at first sight top. Glad I brought her home.
Top: Uniqlo
Skort: Foruchizu
Wedges: Charles and Keith
Aroma Necklace: Naomi Factory (Japan)
Bracelet: Divas

By the way, my first time trying nail straps. Uhh.. it doesn't fit! So difficult to trim to own nail size.

Just in case you can't really see the bracelet I wore in the photo, here's a close up. Bracelet from Divas. I love it!

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