Aud- OOTD | Aud's First OOTD Post

Hey there! Saw something new? Ha! I just created a new label, Aud-OOTD! This is my first official OOTD post! I was damn nervous and really feel awkward posing for camera but luckily the photographer is very kind and patience. She even guides me on posing. Thank you ar Carinn!

Can you feel how awkward I was? I'm trying my best though. Just to let you know, I have very low fashion sense, I am not good in styling but mixing with these young ladies, I though I can't be like that any more hence I started to learn (from magazines, from famous Fashion bloggers, from my fellow Ma Cherie Fashion Bloggers). Plus, my kareshi is a fashion designer, I can't look too bad right?

I always love simple outfit, and this is my first time doing an OOTD post right? To play safe, I though of starting it with basic white, hence this white dress with gold studs details on the shoulder and the bottom.

I always wanted to try wearing ankle socks over platform shoe but always feel that I can't carry it like Cheesie, Fourfeetnine or the Japanese girls did. But today I was like okay, whatever, Imma gonna try it!

To spice up the outfit a little, I pair it with an orange sling bag. In order to make it more matching, I put on orange lipstick and blusher too (although from the photo it doesn't really show because of the spotlight).

White dress with Gold Studs details- Random Store
Black Ribbon Bow Ankle Socks- Foruchizu
Orange Shoulder Bag- TaoBao

Photographer- Carinn

Black Tassel Thick Platform Shoe is actually my first pair of thick platform shoe. I always wanted to get one after seeing those VIVI magazine models rock it so well. Initially thought of asking my cousin in Japan to buy for me but wow it wasn't cheap. Thanks to Happy2u, I now know that Fashion does not need to be expensive. Now everyone can be trendy with affordable price!

This is my first time doing an OOTD post, I'm glad that I have some companion to feel less awkward. Thank you Eunice, Thank you Carinn for the photos! It was fun! Hope we can do this more often!

As I mentioned, this is my first OOTD post. I am not sure if I did the matching right but I am still learning, so please do give me some nice advise but don't bashed me okay? Do let me know in the below comment box where you get your OOTD inspiration from too!

Thanks for reading. Until next time,

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  1. I love it! Such a cute outfit and those pictures are gorgeous! Great job :)

    Kimberly | Kimberly's Chronicle

  2. I really like the outfit and I'd like to confess I love your hair!

  3. Thank you! I'm flattered! ^_^ My hair color faded actually.. XD

  4. Dahlia Joseph03 July, 2014 02:38

    What a cute dress!


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