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This is a dedication post to my fellow Ma Chérie blogger friends from Johor. Pledge to read the words, I would really appreciate that, thank you. ^_^
It's been a long time since I wrote about something emotional.

I was blogging alone for long, because none of my friends are into blogging. They do not understand my passion towards blogging. The Dharma teacher once said, never force someone to Dharma when he or she is not ready. So, I always tell them, you will understand one day when you fate with blogging is here. Hence, it was then a long lonely road but that doesn't stops me from doing what I love. So be it lonely, I still enjoy it.

They say bad thing doesn't last, rainy days will be over soon, and I believe in that. Sun will definitely shines after the rain. With much faith, indeed the lonely road didn't last for too long (about a year or more). My lonely journey ended through an event (read it >>here<<). Everything changed after that.

Meeting new friends is always enjoying but meeting new friends that share same interest is a blessing. After knowing the girls for some time, we got closer. In fact, we clicked. We formed a group, without names. It's only until April, we decided to have a gathering cum discussion to name ourselves. Well, you know girls being girls. We wanted something girly yet related to what we do and where we are from.

In was in the midst of the special summer (drought for months), it happened that our Johor state flower- Pink Tecoma (Malaysia Sakura) had the chance to have a full blossom. These beautiful flowers touched thousands of hearts of the Johoreans including mine. Never we knew that Johor can be such beautiful. I have never love my state that much until then. It created a hype in the net and thanks to it, now people knows more about Johor.

The amazing Ler was so inspired, "why not The Pink Tecoma?" she said. It wasn't a bad idea, although we didn't use it but it basically formed/ contributed to our final name which was suggested by Carinn. (Find out more about Pink Tecoma >>here<<).

The full blossom of Pink Tecoma resonates with our inner self. As a blogger being lost and blogging alone for so long in this precious land, finally it is time to bloom and prosper. Each of us is like a flower ready to bloom and charm the world. Even in a small town like Johor Bahru, there are good bloggers that produce quality blogs too. - Eryn

Like the Pink Tecoma being the pride and joy of the Johoreans, we wish to highlight and distinguishing our special existence in the Johor blogsphere, hence we name ourselves- Ma Chérie. It somehow means my dear (a way of calling your love ones) in French. Just like the flowers, we are a unique and distinctive existence; something precious and dear to all Johoreans.

Now let me present you the honored members of Ma Chérie- the Johor InkyFingers! Before getting into their individual profile, let me explain what does InkyFingers means. Well "Inky" depicts writing; and "fingers" are what we use to do our work. Hence, "InkyFingers" is what we are- the Johor bloggers.
#MaCherieJB #JohorBloggers #AWalkWithAud #InkyFingersJB

There are 11 of us in the crew. Curious who are these ladies in the Ma Cherie- the Johor InkyFingers group? Do check them out (below links) and show some love ya! Oh, if you are also a blogger of influenster from Johor, and wish to join us for some of the events, do drop us your details >>here<<. It is always fun to meet new friends with same interest!

I would like to Thank you for all the love I've received, please do continue to love me (us) and spread the love around. Give us a little support by liking our page >>Here<<, not forgetting mine >>here<<.

I was lonely then, I am no longer alone now.
Blogging was fun, Blogging is amazing now.
Everything happens for a reason. That is what I always believe in.
Thank you girls for walking into my life, Thank you for making the blogging world wonderful.
I love you girls.

Spoiler Alert: Something huge is coming up. Do stay tune!

Thanks for walking by. Until next time,

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  1. Such a sweet thing y'all having there~ It's great when you found friends with similar interest. May Ma Cherie grow stronger and spread wider :D

  2. Thanks Alicia. The amazing part of blogging is to find people that share the same interest! ^_^

  3. Haha! You are so funny (in a good way)!! Stay with your gender! We will keep you posted when we recruit for male! haha!

    Well, not only you have blogging friends but also blogger gf! Hehe!

    Happy weekend in advance to you too!

  4. Girl you rocked it!

  5. Thank you! you are so sweet!


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