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Few months back, I first tried a tofu cheese cake at a local cafe and I loved it. I went online to do some research and here's my version. It's my first time, but luckily it turns out well.

220 g Digestive Biscuits
85 g Unsalted Butter

200 g Icing Sugar (I do not have icing sugar so I blended my caster sugar till superfine)
250 g Cream Cheese (thaw at room temperature)
120 ml Milk (I used HL Low Fat Milk)
300 g Silken Tofu
200 g Plain Yoghurt
1 tbsp Vanilla Bean Paste/ Vanilla Essence

50 g Water
15 g Gelatin

Some Chocolate Rice

How to
1. Blend the digestive biscuits to fine.

2. Melt the unsalted Butter.

3. Mixed the biscuits and butter. It will turn to "wet-sand" texture.

4. Pour the biscuit mixture to the cake mold. Flatten it and send to freezer to set.

5. Add Icing sugar, cream cheese, milk, yoghurt, tofu and vanilla essence to mixer. Mix well. Add water to gelatin, microwave till it dissolved. Mix well with mixture.

6. Remove the cake mold from freezer and pour the mixture on the biscuit.

7. I find the top is too plain hence I sprinkle some Chocolate Rice on top and set it to freezer to chill for an hour.

8. An hour later, it's ready to be served!

Its really delicious!! It's not too sweet and with a soft texture, suitable for kids and even old folks! It's best served chilled.

Have fun trying! Do let me know how it went in the comments below.

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  1. Ding Ding Ding27 August, 2014 12:38

    Audrey, you are really pro! It looks really tempting and delicious!! :)

  2. Cece, thank you but I am not pro la~ Still a beginner in baking~ hehe!

  3. Wah I want to try this next time!


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