Aud-MTN | LG PD239 PoPo Pocket Printer [Unboxing]

I always like the idea of instant photo printing but I never like Instax camera because of the photo quality.

After starting my TN journey (you can read it >>here<< and >>here<<), I get to know about photo printer. I did my research and found out that there are several brands in the market carries them from stationed to mobile ones. I personally prefer mobile ones so that I can bring it with me especially during travel.

After contacting Instax Pelangi from Facebook (they have actual shop in KL), I decided to get a LG PoPo Printer.

LG PD239 Pocket Photo Printer also name as PoPo printer comes in three colors, white, pink and yellow. I got myself a pink.

Here is what I got in the package. A PoPo printer in pink, a cable, an adapter charger, 5 pieces zink paper, extra box of 30 pieces zink paper, a warranty card, and a quick guide.

Initially I thought of getting white but they only have one white left (which is Chariot's unit) so I decided on the pink. I was afraid that the pink will be some dark pink but the lady from Instax Pelangi was nice to show me the photo of the exact product. I love the baby pink!

On the printer itself has a quick guide on how to load the zink paper. It is actually a sticker, you can choose to remove the sticker guide for a cleaner look for your PoPo.

The open button. Press it to open the lid.

The on/off button also known as lock/unlock button. Next to it is the charging port and a reset button.

Open the lid, you will see a loading bay for the zink papers. Do not touch the reflector on the lid.

Moo and the side view of PoPo.

The five pieces zink paper that comes together with the box and the extra 30 pieces from Instax Pelangi.

Now, I can print photos instantly anywhere anytime as long as I have my phone and PoPo with me! Want to read a step-by-step guide on how to setup the printer? Stay tune, guide is coming up!

By the way, here is a photo of both white and pink PoPo for your reference. The white unit belongs to my bestie Chariot. Hope she likes her PoPo as much as I love mine!

I got mine from Instax Pelangi. You may check with them if you are interested. Again, this is not a paid ad post. I am sharing from a buyer/ user point of view.

Whatsapp: Shereen 017-9125639 or Kenny 017-9094631

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  1. it's really cute! I think I like pink better. haha ^^ but funny name though. Popo.

  2. Hehe, yeah I'm glad I got the pink too!


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