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When I was young, I hated fountain pen because it's kinda troublesome to fill in the ink. Plus, it is always messy doing it. I used to have one Parker fountain pen which I have no idea where it lies now. Probably some dark corner of my room.

Pen, is always something I am quite particular of, because my handwriting changes according to the pen. When I started my MTN journey, I started of with normal gel ink pen (I still use them quite often now) and one day, I stumbled upon this lovely that took my heart away. It was quite a "love at first sight".

I actually compared Lamy and Kakuno and decided with the later as it is cheaper and has really good reviews (plus, its Japan stuff!). Ever since my encounter with her, my view on fountain pen changed.

Pilot "Kakuno" means "to write" in Japanese. It was initially designed for Japan kids to start of their writing journey but due to its many features it was well received even among the adults. It was than said the best fountain pen for the beginners. 

There are 2 color series of Kakuno. The pastel color pens have a winking smiley face, while the black series has a regular smiley face. Every box of Kakuno pen comes with a black ink cartridge.

The cap and body are hexagonal (similar to the classic wooden pencil) which is why the pen is comfortable to hold and doesn't roll away. The grip is made in a triangular shape so that fingers naturally sit in the correct position.

The cute smiley face on the nib serves a purpose. It should always faces up when writing, ensuring correct nib orientation. I am not sure if I am right on this, but I've tried both Lamy and Kakuno, it seems to me that Kakuno is so much smoother to write with while Lamy gives a tangled feeling when I write with it. Lamy just doesn't flow smoothly as Kakuno did. If you are looking at this two, I would strongly suggest you to try it out yourself on both before buying, see which suits you more.

As the people always says (actually I say) "Thoughts flows better with the pen that smiles." Pilot kakuno indeed brings smiles to my writing journey. It has been joyful, thank you.

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  1. looks quite dense ya! anyway good to bake your own! =D

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  2. yea, it is suppose to be dense. Miss fluffy white bread but too bad I can't eat.


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