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People always says "those who loves dog can't be bad" (I agree), but I say people who loves stationery are always the nice people, agree? My traveler's notebook journey has been fun. Meeting people who share the same passion is one of the happiest thing; having a partner who supports you even though he don't really understand is just perfect.

I wouldn't call myself a collector because I am not. I don't chase after latest design of washi tapes, nor will I buy the whole set. I only get the few that I like. Same goes to stamps. I think I kinda have a bit of rational in me when I shop (Let's hope this will always be the way).

I got myself 2 brass stamps and 3 roll stickers from Traveler's Factory from the last Japan haul (sorry it took me so long to post them, too many things to share, haha). Everything travel theme, perfect for my Taiwan trip.

I love the simplicity of a brass product. So clean yet elegant. It feels so good on hand. The wooden handle gives a firm grip; the clean cut rubber gives a nice stamped image without the smudging edges.
The Departure Stamp
Have A Nice Trip stamp
Here are the examples of the stamps. I do not have a proper ink pad except those small tiny ones that came together with the cheap stamps I got from Mr DIY. Hence, the ink was not even, but I have to say I love these stamps, they really brighten my travel journal.
Just look at the stamps, lovely isn't it?

I also decorated my Taiwan journal with the roll stickers I got from TFA. I bought 3 of them, airlines, have a nice trip and tickets. Both airlines and have a nice trip has 4 different graphics. I have yet to try them all but these are some examples on how I use them.

It's really enjoying keeping a TN to keep record your everyday life and travel journey. Although updating TN during traveling can be tiring but it's fun! Now, even Kareshi will help take note of details such as reminding me to take photos for TN and etc. This is definitely one wonderful hobby.

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