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Wow, it's been a hectic month. Baby shower just ended 2 weeks ago and my confinement has officially ended. Despite the lack of knowledge and experience in taking care of a confinement mummy and a newborn, we manage to pull it through. Things were definitely much more manageable with my mum by my side. Thank you, mummy!

I wanted to document the arrival of my girl when I got back home from the hospital, but I was too weak to do anything. I am feeling a lot more energetic now, so better blog about it while I still remember what had happened that day.

I was awake around 6.00 am in the morning because of contractions. It felt like period cramps. I took out my phone and time the pain. It comes and go in a 10 minutes interval. I told kareshi about it when he woke up at 8.00 am. He thought of going to the hospital for a check, but I told him to go to work first as the contraction wasn't intensive. My plan was to go to the hospital for a CTG scan to be sure I wasn't in labor yet.

Kareshi came home around 1 pm, we had lunch and headed to the hospital. I wasn't having contraction when I arrived at the hospital at 2.00 pm. We went straight to the labor ward, told the nurse about my doubt on the contractions. They did a CTG scan.

After 40 mins of CTG scan, the result showed that my contractions were not rapid and intense enough for labor, but I was 2 cm dilated. Doctor Ben came and said I was actually in labor but at the very early stage (which is why I was dilated). It can take up to days or weeks to be ready for delivery, but he can expedite the whole process (means prepare to deliver right now).

He gave us some time to consider whether we want to continue waiting or just proceed with labor, but we have to sign a declaration to take responsibility if we were to leave the hospital.

Honestly, I wanted to wait because I want my girl to decide when she wants to join us. But I believe everything happens for a reason so maybe it is a sign. Both kareshi and I were unprepared for this and we can't make up our mind whether to wait or proceed. The doctor and nurses advised us to proceed with the delivery, and so we did.

The nurse gave me medication to clear my bowel (thank god! I was really afraid that I will pass motion during labor!). The doctor broke my waterbag at 3 pm. Slowly the contractions got stronger and stronger. 

Around 5 pm, the doctor came and checked on me again. I was only 4 cm dilated. He asked if I needed any pain relief. I told him the pain was manageable, but I don't mind having laughing gas. The laughing gas made me dizzy and I was semi-conscious. It felt like I was having a deep dream. There were few moments when I totally have no idea what's going on, but I remembered hearing kareshi calling for the nurse because I was in great pain. I remembered the nurse turning me to my left.

Not too long after that, I remembered feeling like passing motion (a damn big one), so I pushed hard (the first push) but vaguely heard nurses asked me to not to push yet. After that, I heard Dr. Benjamin's voice.
"Okay, it's coming. Now, push."
Everyone in the room asked me to push so I pushed (second push).
"You are doing great! Push again. Push harder. Push with all your strength!"
[Arhhhhhhhh!!!!!] I screamed while pushing with all the strength I had (final push).
"Congratulation! Baby is out! Papa come cut baby's umbilical cord."

7.06 pm, baby Joie was out!

There she is. Cute lovely angel.

Hello, Joie!

Joie only cried for a while then her eyes were wide opened. 

Joie grabbing papa's finger. Kareshi said his heart melted.

We were left in the labor room for quite some time as I was breastfeeding. Even though Joie was newly born, she has very strong suckle. After being breastfed, Joie was taken away for a clean up and I was brought to my ward.

4 hours of labor pain and here she is, my little angel.

Tiny hands that bring countless joy.

Natural birth wasn't easy. Thank you darling, for being by my side throughout the whole process. You gave me strength when you hold my hands, you gave me courage when you whisper to my ears, you gave me hope when you looked into my eyes. I couldn't have done it without you. Thank you, my love, my hero.
*Pardon my unglamorous look, I just gave birth to a baby.

Walking on with love,


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