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Hello! I am 38 weeks pregnant when I am typing this. By the time you read this, I probably have given birth to my little girl. Most likely will be busy like hell dealing with a new tiny life. Ha!

I've shared my September - October entries in the previous post, read it >>here<< if you missed it. So now it's about November to December.

It's been a long time since I last took a bus to KL alone. Used to do it when I was studying in KL. I still remember that it was raining heavily when I arrived. Luckily Sim came to picked me, or else I will be stuck at the terminal. I have a bazaar (organized by Carousell) to attend which explains the big luggage bag.

It's my first time being a vendor in a bazaar. Totally had no idea what to prepare and what to do, but lucky me, I have Carinn to be there with me and helped out. Thank you so much dear! Also met with one of my reader Sheta! Turns out that she is also a TN user and she blogs too!

So happy to get to know all the bloggers from KL. Hope we will have a chance to meet again!

We had sushi Zanmai for dinner after the first day bazaar. The next day, Carinn accompanied me to visit Stickerrific at Jaya One. Both of us went crazy there but luckily she was there with me to control me or I might not have money to get back to JB. lol

After shopping, lunch time! We finally tried the famous Boat Noodle that everyone was talking about! I would say it's overrated.

Time to go home! It's been a fruitful and fun short trip!

Won a H&M card from a giveaway hosted by Eunice.

Sometimes, it's amazing how things work. I have been thinking to try eyebrow embroidery and eyelash extention but was concerned about the outcome and the pricing. Out of the blue, I got a sponsored invitation from a Singapore beauty salon to try out their service for the two treatment I longed for. Law of attraction! Read in detail >>here<<.

Got my first Muji pen! A gift from Kareshi.

Bought more stickers from Mr DIY. Many times, I am truly surprised by the gems I could find at Mr DIY. Oh, watched Interstella with family too! Like inception, it requires lots of focus and attention in order to understand the movie. I love movies that requires the movie goer to use a little brain.

Movie time again! I love hunger games, it is so well plot. Can't wait for the second part of the last episode showing this year. Also I first tried baking kit kat!

Flying off to Taiwan! It's a 8 days birthday trip for my mum. Glad she enjoyed herself. Kareshi wasn't very happy the night before we took off because of some stress but thank god that everything turns out fine. Talked about Taiwan trip, it's been almost a year and I have not blogged about it. Uh, my backlogs are really piling up.

December is all about research and preparation for my wedding. Hence, I do not have much time writing my thoughts. But one thing for sure, Kareshi and I were really grateful that we did not give up on finding the best location for our wedding dinner. Perseverance is the key. We managed to find a restaurant that served meatless fine dining when we were running out of time! JOIE is located at Orchard Central. They serve wonderful meatless fine dining but the most important factor that results in our decision on them is because they have the best service crew. Polite and caring. Hmm, I shall really decicate a post to them.

Got my parcel from Japan! Happy day! Also received a present from Kareshi. Cute post cards from dollgift.

Yeah, managed to meet the girls before the year 2014 ended! Edlyn brought her new stamp for me to try, looks like I need to practise more. 

That's all for my November and December entries. I went to Taiwan twice within a month, which is why I do not have much entries for December.

Now that I've finished a blank refill, I have to say I quite like it. Because it is empty, you will not be resticted by the layout. It really suits people who has good creativity and neat handwriting. The second refill that I tried was the grid refill. I used it for my Taiwan trip. I will share my Taiwan trip journal when I have time ya!

If you are curious on what and where I bought my stationeries, you can find your answer from the articles listed below. Have a nice walk!

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