The 5 precious babe - 五宝

Oh, there is something I have to say..
my course nite had postponed! Its rescheduled to 27th of Aug, the reason for date changing is because it crashed with our faculty's camping. That means..!!! I will have to wait until I finish my exams only I can have fun! T_T ughh, but in a way, its better isn't it? so that I can have fun to the max with no worries? Muahaha!

Yea, as you can guessed, I having computer class again, and did not pay attention again! hahha...^_^

Well, the lecturer is not here yet. After the class imma going to fun-fair which is held in our campus lately. Today is the last day nia! So die-die also will go! I'm going with my "wu bao/五宝". What the hell is this "wu bao/五宝"??? Okay, let me explain a lil. "wu/ 五" means five, and "bao/宝" means baby or precious. Ahha! typical Narcissism! Well, we didn't name this ourselves okay! its the course mates that gave us that nick as the five of us always sticks together. We eat together, go to class together, have fun together, shower together (of course different shower room! don't think of something else man! lol), sleep together, almost everything together! Here's the order of the 5babe:

大宝 (Da Bao)- The ELdest = Evelyn Ooi
二宝 (Er Bao)- the second = Audrey Tiow (which is me)
三宝 (San Bao)- the third= Raqual Seen
四宝 (Si Bao)- the fourth = Kelly Chua.. and lastly
小宝 (Xiao Bao) - The youngest = Zeff Onn

This without Kelly, because she is the one taking the photo? lol

Me and Kelly

The 5 of us cam-whoring in the lift

Kelly's Birthday @ Gasoline

Actually, I'm kinda in stress now because its exam next week, and I'm still slacking and blogging here!! WTH I'm doing! I thought I said I wanna graduate wit 1st honours degree!! GET YOUR ASS OFF THE COMPUTER NOW AND STUDY!

Ciao~ C.U.N.T!

P/s: C.U.N.T its not cunt but See (c) you (u) next time! haha!

PP/S: Photos were added years later after we spend our whole 3 yrs in Uni and we still keep in touch till now 2012. Having you gals as friends is something I thank god the most in my Uni life. Thank you for filling my life with colors! I love you!

Precious Readers