The Best Way to Travel from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore

Are you travelling from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore? Wonder which travel option should you take? Well, I would say take the plane and This Is Why You Should Get A Flight Ticket Now!

Malaysia and Singapore have had sort of a turbulent love-hate relationship for aeons now. From friendly banter to harsh criticisms, and from resource sharing to sporting squabbles, they’ve exchanged it all. But they’ll always be there for one another because they’re located right next to each other.

There’s also a lot of travel shenanigans happening between Malaysia and Singapore, especially from Kuala Lumpur. Taking a flight from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore is just one of the many routes.

There are several reasons why a lot of people would want to buy a flight ticket right away and head over to Singapore after spending time in Kuala Lumpur. While Malaysia is rich in its natural heritage, culture, diversity and an absolute galore of foodies, the shopping experience gets a few fold better once you cross that border.

The general nightlife may be a close tie between the two, but Singapore does have the added advantage of it being favoured by international artists and DJ’s. Music acts from Popstars, big EDM names, and a few more Eastern icons keep the little country bumping all year long. So that’s another incentive for the traffic.

Riding Options
The distance isn’t that bad and there are several ways to get from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore. Driving over is pretty common. It takes about six hours with a nice rest stop through the North-South Expressway from KL Sentral straight over to the Gardens by the Bay area. The same goes for buses, and there are some really comfortable ones that rival even aeroplanes. I think it’s one of those moments when you think why to buy a flight ticket when you can just drive there.

You could also take the train over, which would roughly set you back anywhere between eight to ten hours. It’s the most affordable and relaxing option, albeit a bit dull. People usually opt for the night train, sleeping through the ride and arriving in the morning. There are comfortable coach and carriages with sleeping decks available for the extended hours.

The best option by far would honestly be flying over. It takes a little less than an hour and the flights are considered as a daily shuttle so the rates are very much on the low end too. There are also several airlines providing back and forth flights, a lot of which are also offering their seat tickets with partners like hotel and airline booking websites such as Traveloka. These sites often would have the best available flight ticket deals to lock in their customers so that both parties benefit.

Be Careful Though

While the journey itself is said to be part of the adventure, be aware of the pro’s and con’s of each of your travel option. Making the drive direct to Singapore may be fun, but it can get a bit pricey as you start considering the petrol costs and toll booths. Don’t forget the energy and focus you need while driving. It’s usually a pretty smooth ride, but the journey can stretch to an arduous 10 to 12 hours during the peak seasons - both ways. Bus rides too. So yeah.

The train ride may be steadier, but in the event of the occasional break down, unplanned and necessary repair stops may turn an eight hour ride into an indefinite break can seriously put a dent on your travel plans.

So know your options as you make your way down from KL over to Singapore and you’re golden. By the way, here’s an interesting little trivia - Google Maps says it takes around 80 hours to get there if you were to walk.

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