The "About Me"

Been browsing and reading for some blogs now...
It seems that they all have one thing in common~
The "About Me"..

I don't really have an introduction about myself in my blog,
so i was wondering is it necessary to have one??
I had it ignored for quite some times for now...
but then, I have been facing the same question  routine recently...
keep answering to the same question, its kinda tiring isnt it? =p
so, ya... i decided to have an "About Me" included in my blog...
Click on the link if you wanna know more 《About Me》
but if it doesn't bothers you whether who am I, where I'm from...
Just leave it and read the post instead~~ ^_^

p/s: I ain't a professional blogger, my blog is about life and things i came across...
so it's random, don't expect too much here, and be nice with me~ I sincerely appreciate that~~ ^_^

Hope you had a pleasant walk here.

With Love,

Yeah, its me.. before I had my hair cut short~~ XD

Precious Readers