Don’t Forget To Love Yourself

Life is not easy. Being a mum is challenging, being a Mum of two and working is even harder. And it’s been three years.

Many of us, are always busy. Busy working, busy with kids, busy living the day to day life which makes us often forget to live the moment. Don’t believe me? Ask yourself, when was the last time you went for a facial wash? When was the last time you pamper yourself with a massage, a manicure or even a good meal? When was the last time you have a true “me time” to love yourself and make your soul happy?

I didn’t know I was guilty, for not loving myself more until last week when Floral Garage Singapore contacted me saying they would love to cheer my day with a bouquet. Then comes a sudden realisation that my everyday life is all about the kids, work, even during my non-working days, it’s for the family. Nothing for myself. Seriously, I couldn’t remember when was the last time I had a facial wash, 2 years? Or maybe 3? The last time I had a nice massage should be more than 4 years or even longer. Ugh, I’m sorry, "me". All these years busy with life has gotten me to neglect "me".

So I decided to change the mood a little. I went on to Floral Garage Singapore to choose a bouquet that I like and got them to send it to me. On Friday afternoon, this came...

Ahh, it's so lovely! Totally my choice of "flower"

Looking at these pretty flower makes me so happy. Kinda feels like falling in love again. Haha. To be honest, I am not a flower person because flowers don't last but dried flowers is another story. I will definitely prefer dried flowers compared to the fresh ones. 

Floral Garage Singapore even added the preserved red roses for me to add a red touch to my wildflower bouquet. 

You know, life is tough, but it will be tougher if your soul is not happy. So start loving yourself more, treat yourself a meal, a massage or even better- a bouquet to put a smile on your face. You don’t need a reason or an occasion to do so. Thank you Floral Garage Singapore for putting one on mine, it truly makes my day!

Walking on with love,


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