Cutie Animals

Never thought of buying these initially..
But i'm so happy that i did~!!

Thomas and I decided to go for a movie out of sudden at the cinema nearby our house - ioi malls, Lotus Five Star Cinema.

Wanted to watch Ghost Rider at first, but too bad.. This cinema doesn't has 2D version but only the 3D. I don't like 3D (although I never watch before), because I get dizzy easily.

So after discussing, is our choice. But, urghh.. We have a 2 hours gap before the movie start, so we just walk around the shopping mall, and here is where I found "Mr. DIY". Surprisingly, you can find almost anything here~!!! We almost spend 2 hours in ONE shop~!!! Hehe.. And guess what?? 7 items for only RM 10!!!
Woohoo~~ Worth it man~!!! ^_^

Had a great night with Thomas~♥

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