It's almost here!

I should have publish the post of my Hanoi trip day 2 but I choose to publish this instead because this really needs to cut into the queue as it is one of the day that I have been looking forward for its arrival.

In a blink of eye, its been almost a year since god took Steve Jobs away from us after a long battle with cancer. Today is the day that Apple is expected to launched iPhone 5 at an event in San Francisco. Apple has been tight-lipped about what is in store at its media event, but hinted with invitations that bore the cryptic message "It's almost here" including the number 12 (for the date) with a shadow cast by the number forms the number five.  

It is understood that Steve Jobs had worked closely on the design for this product. It was previously thought that the iPhone 5 would be launched in November last year, but instead Apple launched the 4S which hits me hard, and so disappointed. But I guess, good thing is worth the wait. 

Apple has always been Mysterious when it comes to product launching. There are so many version of iPhone 5 rumours out there. Leaks and rumors portray the new iPhone as having a larger touchscreen than its predecessor.

I myself believed this is going to be the biggest consumer phone launch ever.
What do you expect iPhone 5 to have?
A bigger screen? thinner? lighter? better camera? or even LTE supported?
What about me? Ha! I'm looking forward for all of those! and dreaming for a cute PINK iPhone? *someone just slap me on the face for wanting a Pink iPhone and said WAKE UP GIRL!
Okay! I know! its not gonna happen! that's why I say I dream for it la~! *innocent look

There have also been rumours that Apple could launch a smaller version of the iPad as well. Which is true? What to believe? make no more speculation! you will know it when it's here! its just couple hours away for the truth to be reveal! Lets look forward for it!

*p/s: I am indeed an apple lover! Much much love to Apple! but will Apple creates more miracle without Steve Jobs? Time will tells~

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