Go Green, Go Spritzer

Humans are weird. We tend to overlook things we think its "not important", and only magnify things we care and think that's important. But in fact, if you could spare a lil time to really take a good look at things that you think its "not important", you will realize how wrongly you are. You will realize how lil you need to do, to save ur wallet, to save the mother earth.

Do you know how much you can save by turning the lights off?
Do you know how many liters of water you have wasted during shower?
Do you know how long does a plastic bag takes to be decompose?
Do you know that 1000kg of recycled paper equals 18 mature saved trees & uses 50% less water?
Do you know that dumping 10,000 tons of waste in a landfill creates 6 jobs while recycling 10,000 tons of waste creates 36 jobs?
Do you know that recycling 1kg of aluminium cans saves 4 litres of Petrol? that's 50km!
Do you know that 60% of waste we dispose are recyclable??
I know you don't know, Let me tell you here.Yea, right now. straighten your bloody ears!

By setting the air-con temp 5 degrees higher will save you up to 40% of electricity! Best is to use air-cons less, especially during rainy days, use FAN instead!

OFF your light too if you are not in the room! save the electricity and ur wallet!

If a family of 4 could shorten their shower time a few mins each, they can save 12 thousand litres of water per year!! Always ensure that all taps are tightly closed! A dripping tap, wasted up to 15 litres of water per day!!! Oh, and PLEASE! turn off the water shower while you are applying body shampoo/ scrub/ hair shampoo or whatever you use while bathing, you can save 5 gallons of water there~~ I know many of you leave the water running, don't try to fool me okay! I have my eyes on you. LOL

Shut down your pc while you are not using it for god's sake. It does not only save the power but also keep ur pc life longer! Isn't that killing a bird with a stone? Great deal, so why not? DO IT YOU FOLKS!

Many company has been implementing paperless system, which I personally thinks that its a brilliant idea. Ask for your whatever bills in soft copy such as emails or mobile statement; Pay your whatever shitty bills online! Its faster, and really save you out from the trouble of getting rid those huge piles of stacked bills after months or years!!

One more thing, I'm pretty sure.. no, I sld say I'm certain that almost all of you leave your electronic gadgets on standby mode even when you are not using it. No? You sure?? *doubt-ing look
Because, I used to be so. *guiltiness strikes
Many of you leave your pc, tv and whatever electronic gadgets and home appliance plugged in (to the socket of course) even when you dont use them. You think they arent consuming electricity even you didnt on them? You are so WRONG! they do! even while sleeping or hibernating!
so plug it off the socket. Don't waste!

and also, do not forget to arrange your stuff and food accordingly in the refrigerator so that you can find the things you want fast and doesnt leave the door wide open for long. This actually saves energy too! Can't believe it? You better be. Coz it saves your wallet.

Let me show you a list of Time frame for rubbish to decompose. I bet it will shock you, coz it just shocked me.


  • Tissue = 2 to 4 weeks
  • banana peel = 3 to 4 weeks
  • paper bag = 3 to 4 weeks


  • Newspapers = 1.5 months
  • Apple core = 2 months
  • Cardboard = 2 months
  • Cotton glove = 4 months
  • Orange peel = 6 months


  • Plastic plates = 1 to 3 years
  • Cigarette butt = 10 to 12 years
  • Leather shoe = 25 to 40 years
  • Plastic container = 50 to 80 years
  • Aluminum cans = 200 to 500 years
  • Plastic bottles = 450 years
  • Dypers = 550 years
  • Plastic bags = 200 to 1000 years

ARE YOU IN SHOCK???? Repent if you dont, why you so heartless one! *despise you!

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