Work Challenge at Maio Italian Restaurant

Okay, as you can see from the frequent of my blog update, you know that I'm hell damn busy.
Yea, really busy like dog. Damn stressful. but damn unique experience too.
Well, Since I cant talk much about my job. I really having a hard time to filter what I can reveal, what I can't.

Wei, its really a serious matter okay. I don't wanna get sack because I reveal something I should not. Unless you have a real good pay job for me! *just joking
Hmm... I think it should be fine to say these.

Basically my office is part of the new officers' orientation programme, so we have to plan their programme for their 3 days schedule. *I hope I ain't gonna get into any trouble for saying this, prays HARD!
The main responsible I have on my shoulder is the BANQUET DINNER! you think that's all? NUUU!!!! Just few days before the actual dinner, I received a nightmare that makes me so damn stressful, so nervous and sleepless.

My boss said: "Audrey, you will have to be the emcee for the night!"
Eerhhemmm!! Did I heard it wrong?
Maybe I didn't dig my ear clean enough, could you repeat it one more time boss?
"Stop pretending Audrey. You heard me."

Ahhh....I felt like I was stroke by lightning! but eh, no choice leh! lightning stroke also must do. fml

But anyway, I'm actually glad that I did it, and I did it pretty well! lol
So, The dinner was hosted at M Suites Hotel, Maio Italian Restaurant. The environment of the restaurant really looks pretty good!
The parking lots right in front of the restaurant are kinda limited, so if its peak season, you might need to park a lil further.

Welcome to Maio~

Here are some decoration photos of the Restaurant
Nice lamp~~haha... and thats the pizza sauce for the night~ ^o^

The buffet area. and I personally love this black chair of the restaurant!!

The Private room session

I love this area!

I kinda like this chess board~ although Im not good at it. lol

Photos of the night~~ been too busy handling everything in and out, not much time for cam-whoring.
Before the guest arrive with one of my boss, Joey. Yes, its Joey. Don't you know that Joey is unisex name?

With my soon bride-to-be Alicia

With my soon bride-to-be too, Rajes.

After the dinner ends, my turn to rest a lil! tired die me!

So, its AFTER PARTY TIME!! lol
not really a party la, but the CEO keep saying that his manager could really sings very well, so we force them to perform for us! hahah

At the end, they don't really sing awesomely, but indeed very entertaining as they are extremely funny!!!
The guy in guitar is the manager. He is a mix Portuguese. The CEO said: "Do you know what he said when I asked whether he is a Portuguese when I first interviewed him? I asked him are you a Portuguese?"
He said: "No sir. I'm not a Portuguese. I'm Portugoose"
CEO: "What Portugoose?"
Manager: "Portuguese is plural. I'm the only one here so its Portugoose."
The CEO said it almost laugh die him. Hahahah~ The joke of the day. Almost laugh die us too!

This is the white wine we drank. It really taste good! not bad!! and its cheap~ haha!
It was really an amazing and enjoyable night! FUN! ^o^

Okay, for those who is interested to give a try at Maio restaurant. Maio opens daily from 10.30am to 11.30pm. They are closed on every Monday. Address as below.

Add: 16 Jalan Skudai, Straits View 80200 Johor Bahru Johor, Malaysia.
Tel : +607 22 11 000 | Fax : +607 22 60 380 | E-mail :

GPS Co-ordination : 1.465104,103.730174 
I even attach a map for you guys, very nice of me right?? LOL!

Okay, im tired. Wrapping up the post with a pic of me before departing from office to Maio. haha.

Precious Readers