Are you smarter than a grade 5 kid?

So, I read an article from a Singapore paper - The New Paper last Sunday.
The headline goes like this: Are you Smarter that a Primary 5 student?
Honestly, I read it because of the headline.

I'm not smart, frankly speaking.
I have the worst vocabularies library ever.
So, I'm curious to know whether I am compatible to a Pri 5 level (although deep down my heart I have a feeling that I will be disappointed, but still, just try~ haha).

These are the 24 words that a Primary 5 student needs to know, how many of them do you know?
  1. Anemometer
  2. Bedlam
  3. Beguile
  4. Buccaneer
  5. Diurnal
  6. Domicile
  7. Eminence
  8. Implicit
  9. Indict
  10. Manslaughter
  11. Navvy
  12. Osseous
  13. Philately
  14. Piteous
  15. Plaudits
  16. Podgy
  17. Pursuant
  18. Scabbard
  19. Suffuse
  20. Supervening
  21. Temperance
  22. Tenable
  23. Umbrage
  24. Unequivocal
Pathetically, I only know 6 out of 24?!! (those in bold) Am I stupid or what?
Although I know 6 of them but I hardly use them anyway. 
Come on, are these really necessary for a 10 years old kid to know? I mean these 24 are only part of an iceberg. Who knows how "deep" the kids have to go..

Lets see how the 30 expatriates and professionals at Raffles Place did on the 24 words given to Primary 5 pupils.

See? not many of us know all of the 24 words. Because, we don't have to know. Its useless.
Oh no, wait. Its not totally "useless". It helps you to score "A" in your grades. What else? and yea, maybe a "Plaudit" That's it!

I personally feel that it is totally pointless. The education system nowadays is too institutionalized and mechanize. It is forcing the kids to learn for the sake of learning.
It is the same as getting married for the sake of marrying just because you think that it is "the time" to. What happens in the end? There's only an "Unequivocal" outcome. It will not be a happy ending story because you are not married because of love but just because it is time and ends up signing the paper again but this time, a divorce agreement. so what's the point getting into the trouble at the very first place?

Honestly, so what if you can memories the whole dictionary? Does that makes you feel "Eminence"? If you can maximize the utilization of it, its a different story. Provided you really can.
I always believe that A man who knows less on the paper but able to use everything he knows well is ALWAYS BETTER than a man who knows everything on the book but can't even use them. That's pathetic, not smart. 

Kids are wonderful and awesome gifts from god. They have unlimited potential and power in them.
but its the society and the adults that are "Buccaneers" stealing and killing the creativity of the kids, limiting the sky that a kid can fly.

Learning should be lively and in a fun way, we should not turn the kids into "Piteous" robots with rigid education system and social perception.
They are young, they should have a fun learning childhood, but not surrounded by "Manslaughters" who slaughter their childlike innocence nor being locked up in a "Bedlam". 

Set them free from "Umbrage", Let them Fly high for a better future.
Let them have a smile on the face to live on.

# Kids from Little Sprouts' Home (my mum's)

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