Lovely Christmas 2012

Christmas is always special to me.
The holiday I love the most throughout the whole year.
Love it more than Chinese New year.
Don't ask me why, its just special. I just love it. (Just kidding.)
Christmas makes me feels that Love is in the air.
Every breath I take, I'm filled with love and peace.
Its a loving festival, Its a day with love. (that's why.)

Singapore Orchard road is known famous for its Awesome Christmas Decoration.
I went to Orchard for Christmas celebration many many many years ago.
All I can say is... CROWDED!
I can barely move! but it was fun!!
I am old now, can't go there and squeeze with those youngsters and go crazy anymore. Haha!
I scare I might break my bone. lol
So, instead of going there on Christmas eve, I went there a week earlier to feel the ambience~
Although its a week before Christmas, but Orchard is already quite crowded.
You can see people holding camera and snapping pics everywhere.
Obviously, I am one of those people. haha

Hello, Santa! Where's my present?

Tangs Christmas store, quite nice isn't it?

I like this! Its beautiful~~
There are all sorts of Christmas tree around~
Different theme, different feel but pretty!
How can you not love such a beautiful day?

I quite like this one! because its PINK!! hehe

Christmas tree by Paragon

Wheelock itself looks like a gigantic Christmas tree. I simply love it!!

This Christmas, I did something different.
I bought myself a present.
A handmade present that is super cute! haha.
Its a bookmark. A vespa bookmark.
The vespa is detachable. You can chain it to keychain or bag as decoration.
What a thoughtful thought by Lorraine from Strangely Yours.
Thanks Lorraine for being patient answering all my question and doubts.
Thanks for being really nice! I really love it so much! Thank you!!
Love it? Visit Strangely Yours, their Etsy store to see what's available~
and you may like their facebook Strangely Yours to stalk their updates!!
Isn't it cute to the max?? oohhh... so in love! ^_^
(oh ya! the wheels are moveable!! not fix dead! like a real vespa, vroooommmm~~ vroooommmm~ lol)

That's me! My OOTD that day. I was wearing a top from Foruchizu.

Hope you guys and gals had an awesome Christmas 2012 (although its already entering the second month of 2013)!!


~Live to Dream ♥ Dream to Live~

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