Standing at the crossroad

Life is about making decisions, choosing among choices.
Everyday in life, we encounter countless things and incidents.
We have bottomless decisions to make regardless big or small,
Whether you like it or not.
What time to wake up, which dress to wear, which road to take, what to have for lunch, what to do after work, what to say with the one beside you. Very very tiny little things too, needs decision.

Amazingly, these decisions are the elements that "create" your day, they assembled, and "define" your day.

Making decision, it ain't easy as it seems.
It ain't simple as it appears.
Every decision leads to a consequences. An outcome.
Good or bad, no one knows. really, no one knows.
Not you, Not me, Not him.
No one can tell what lies down the road, not until you walk over.
We can only filter and narrow the possibilities or choices base on what we know, what we have, and what we want but We can never be absolute.
Uncertainties exist. Everywhere.

We all went through the times where we were force to make decisions.
Decisions that were so hard to make.
Yet, force to choose.
Will it lead to a better tomorrow?
Will it be worse than today?
A doubtful path.
Path of fear.
Fear to fail.

What can be done? Only 2 choices.
You can either stay still and whip.
Or, Brace it with Courage.
Your choice.
Your call.
There are times...
where I am uncertain of the decision I made,
the choice I chose, and the path I took..
I do Tremble. I do Afraid. I do Fear.
Tremble over unknowns. Afraid of loses. Fear to be wrong.
Still, I chose it.
Regardless its better or worse,
I'm gonna live with it. I will live with it.
Heads Up, Move Forward,
Do my Best, & Make things Right,
Shut "Regret" out of sight.
That's how I'm gonna do it.
That's my choice.
That's me,Audrey.

~Live to Dream ♥ Dream to Live~

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